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Reader says our esteemed superintendent of Schools should keep his eye on the job he is paid to do

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Yes, I too would ask our esteemed superintendent to keep his eye on the job he is paid to do.

I did not appreciate this letter, I am well aware of his political leanings and do not wish for them to be taught to my child.

Did he write letters like this in the past when the candidate he voted for was in office?

I am hoping that the BOE will shut down Fishbein’s political commentary – both in his letters and his tweets and retweets.

He can dance around a topic such as this as much as he wants BUT he is being political.

Sure, he never mentioned Trump but we all know what he is talking about.

How about teaching our kids to toughen up, not fall apart when their candidate loses, respect leaders and process even when you don’t like it and work for respect rather than expect it —– that would be a better education than they are currently getting!

11 thoughts on “Reader says our esteemed superintendent of Schools should keep his eye on the job he is paid to do

  1. The BF principal sent out via email a letter with a similar message, and some of the same tone and specific language, under his own signature. The deacon in the local Roman Catholic parish went “political” on this issue this past Sunday morning during the homily of the mass, with a predictable message (take in all who wish to come here, don’t you dare say no to anyone). The new archbishop of the Newark Archdiocese, now of Cardinal rank, was given space in the weekly printed missalette of the local parish (and presumably all other parishes), which he used to spread a similar highly politicized message, pushing the discredited “walls are bad” message of the elite globalists. This is a full court press against Trump and his plans to protect American citizens.

  2. The letter was fine and appropriate for the schools.

    We are not obligated to critique everyone and everything.

    Maybe it would not fly in your workplace, who csres.

  3. He is a hack with a liberal socialist agenda… everyone (including you) knows it.

  4. 12:39- you sound so Christian. If you don’t like what the deacon said it is your right to find another place of worship. I’m positive if my deacon supported a ban on a particular fairh(which is unconstitutional btw) you can be damn sure I would never enter or give to that parish again. End of story.

  5. Math is not political. A welfare state with open borders is unsustainable. Doesn’t make you negative, just realistic.

  6. How about you teach your a*hole kids to treat their classmates with respect, and then the principal and superintendent wouldn’t need to write these kids of letters.

    1. the Ridgewood blog would like to see some examples?

  7. This was my response to his ridiculous letter.. I have yet to receive a response.

    Dear Dr. Fishbein,

    As a lifetime resident of Ridgewood and product of our school system I have found myself at a loss this evening. Several educated, informed and “moral” people in my life have gathered, read and reread your passionate and unnecessary memorandum; not one of us could actually identify the clear thesis.
    Teach my child to read and critically think and ensure that kindness and respect are modeled in the class and throughout the district but for Gods sake don’t you dare create the paradigm for respect or try to be my child’s or any child’s moral compass.
    I may be misguided in this assumption but your words “..teach our children about tolerance and respect for the dignity of every being” lend to the belief that all life deserves respect and dignity. I am eager to hear how a pro-life platform is incorporated into our schools curriculum.
    Sir it is quite clear that your experience and education expertise are not in foreign policy but rather school administration, in the future I suggest you stick with that.

    Warm regards,

    As a side note Dr. Fishbein, to your point about respecting all people; why don’t we teach children (and adults) to respect the leaders and laws of this land? Truthfully Sir if you are going to send out a letter every time you disagree with President Trump’s agenda this is going to be a very long 4-8 years.

  8. Dr. Fishbein’s letters and tweets are the same leftist claptrap spread for years. Can we get a single, goddam who focuses on our children and families without a freaking agenda?? He’s scared of DeVos but Duncan’s charter school support was OK? Oh, please – STFU

  9. You needed to be there 7:35pm. Deacon admitted up front that he wanted to avoid serving as an upfield blocker for Cardinal Tobin, but was flatly told by Monsignor “No! You do it!.” Armed with that strangely-worded mandate from his boss, Deacon conveyed, frankly, a weak and watered-down, but still nakedly political message he knew a significant fraction of the congregation was NOT having. By this time in early 21st cenury America we know when the true Catholic/Christian message has concluded and the rest is simply the man of the cloth condescending to us.

  10. Ban on a particular faith? No, a ban on violent ideologies antithetical to our way of life as legitimate American citizens. How do you get through life being so weak-minded?

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