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Reader says , “Paul Arohnson, just leave – you have been self serving and a disaster for this village”


I have been a Ridgewood Resident for the last 22 years and bought into the town because of the schools and quaintness of the village.

I would like to know why Rich Brooks and Gail Price have not openly discussed how they plan on handling what is an obvious Conflict of Interest of being married and the effect if will have on decisions for the town.

Secondly, Evan Weitz has only lived in town for around 3-4 years but manages to become the Chair of the Financial Advisory Committee without even serving previous time on the committee? That makes no sense to me except that he was put there for political purposes.

With regards to parking. The height of the current Plan D eliminates much of the parking on Hudson Street. Maybe if the parking stayed with the original estimates as were expressed to the voters before being voted on in November our community would not be going crazy over the height and girth of the current Plan D. It should be the current size of the footprint and Hudson street should stay the same as it currently is designed.

I believe one of the worst offenses is that all of this seems to be coming from politicians in town who seek higher offices in Bergen County. They take their lead from the Democratic Chairperson, Lou Stellato, who is a Lyndhurst resident. So I ask you, why is it we would ever want a Lyndhurst resident influencing our town. Follow the political trail and make your own decision.

As far as Roberta is concerned her allowing 600 tickets to be handed out for leaves in the street is ridiculous. Also her involvement in the local politics of the garage should never be tolerated by town counsel or our residents. She should be reprimanded or asked to leave. It is not the town according to Roberta!

And as for Paul Arohnson, just leave – you have been self serving and a disaster for this village.

3 thoughts on “Reader says , “Paul Arohnson, just leave – you have been self serving and a disaster for this village”

  1. While we are speaking of has-beens I wonder what Albert Pucciarelli is going to do now. His ego is so big. Will he try to get back on the planning board? Maybe the Queen Bee will hire him for the new town attorney or planning board attorney. Maybe he can be the attorney for the developers.

  2. Perhaps Willett, Weitz and Brooks plan to fire Judge David T. Pfund and appoint Mr. Pucciarelli in his place.

  3. Arohnson should have been recalled long ago. I hope the Attorney General has him on their radar screen as they way he has sided with developers doesn’t seem right at all

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