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Reader says police budget number misleading


Reader says police budget number misleading 

I’ve read the initial post and it’s replies, the numbers displayed are misleading, as the majority of that money was raised in car usage and admin fee’s. The money charged goes into the general fund and not the police budget as is done in other towns.

Even though the cops have to ask for money for cars, it’s the same money that was raised by the dept through contractor work. The same goes for administrative fee’s that are charged per hour of work every cop does the town makes money off it. But the money goes into the general fund.

Other towns use vehicle charges to defray the costs of new police vehicles, the VOR chooses not to do this and goes through a dog and pony show to but vehicles. In my last conversation with a village official, the vehicle fees charged were 250,000 dollars. With that in mind the numbers shown are very misleading. For a subject like this all the facts should be posted not just one side.

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8 thoughts on “Reader says police budget number misleading

  1. If you are calling for all of the facts to be posted……I agree.
    Please post the gross total amount collected from outside contractors.
    Then post a breakdown of where that money goes.
    How much for administration.
    How much for automobiles.
    And finally how much was paid to the Officers.
    In this age of OPRA I think it would be helpful to know these numbers.
    Then we can stick to the facts, and not innuendo.

  2. farm it out. call in the county.

  3. There is no innuendo, the money collected goes into the general fund. If the town spends it elsewhere other than what it was collected for that is the town choice. Not the choice of employees. That’s the fact. Not innuendo .

  4. Why shouldn’t the money go into the general fund?
    Should we buy Range Rovers for the RPD?
    Has there been an accurate dollar for dollar comparison on whether or not the funds the town collects equal, exceed, or run a defict with respect to patrol cars wearing out prematurely from idling all day on PSEG jobs?
    Has the cost of gasoline, insurance, and extra repairs been factored in?
    On ‘the surface’ it sounds great to get some revenue…but at what cost?? The cars would last a lot longer if they weren’t being used.

  5. #4 all your questions have been asked an answered with the exception of Range Rovers. No one in the village has bought one. Get over yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  6. #4 the cops don’t have Range Rovers, the cars that do contractor work are older vehicles that are only used as backup for patrol when the new cars are being serviced. The village raised the veh use rates several years ago, all cost have been “factored in” the village makes out on the deal that’s why they do it.

  7. I often wonder why the Police are the only ones in favor of extra duty work ? And why are they so opposed to having Class II (“specials”) handle the work ? There have been suggestions by some in Village management that this would be a much more cost effective way to handle the work for PSE&G and Verizon, but you only get blowback on this one. An effective cost benefit analysis would also look at scheduling issues created by “off duty” work in the case where you have officers out sick and someone gets called in to do overtime on the taxpayer bill. The whole practice certainly does nothing for PR with Villagers.

  8. #7 why would anyone want someone else to do their jobs for less money the cops contract has protection against that why would anyone give that up regardless of the job they perform, you just have a problem with cops. Overtime is not paid to give cops time off. To work or not. although if the cops pushed the issue federal case law is on their side, so look real hard at those ” scheduling issues”

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