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Reader says Ridgewood garage process has been pushed through in such a deceitful manner from the start

Hudson_Street garage ridgewood

photo by Saurabh Dani

This garage process has been pushed through in such a deceitful manner from the start.

Lie #1 – Tell Father Ron in July the town plans to build a deck on the lot.
Lie #2 – tell voters the garage will be self-funding
Lie #3 – tell voters that nothing has been decided with respect to the design or size. You are just voting whether you want a deck at the Hudson street lot.
Lie #4 – hide the fact that the intended garage is 23 feet beyond property line, 12 feet into Hudson street
Lie #5 – bury Maser report that shows actual encroachment, claim it was in draft form and it didn’t need to be shared with all council members, only share with those that can keep the secret
Lie #6 – vote for option A, then tell the public that the “discussion” that was promised with respect to size and design just happened. Residents… You didn’t think we really meant that did you?
Lie #7 – when residents realize in late December the true extent of the garage the council majority VOTED on, they come to plead and beg to change this monstrosity. They are told “it’s too bad if you didn’t realize before the vote what you were voting on”.
Lie #8 – told residents that they were going back to the drawing board to pull garage back onto the lot. New design still does not fit on the lot.
Lie #9 – Council run a design meeting with the HPC before the vote but doesn’t clarify to the members that the garage is sitting 12 feet in the street. They write a letter to support garage not realizing they were lied to regarding intended garage being built 12 feet in street.
Lie #10 – architect renderings for option D, not accurately depicting true mass or height of garage or width of street.
Lie #11 – 1 lane of traffic with option D, not 2 as stated in resolution.
Lie #12 – mayor publicly calls residents liars during collection of signatures for a petition. Says they are lying about how much garage will cost if they choose to continue with financing through BCIA. Truth…it could costs thousands over 25 years.

I’m sure I missed a few. We deserve better government. You can turn a blind eye to the way this process has occurred, because you want a garage so badly, but you shouldn’t.

11 thoughts on “Reader says Ridgewood garage process has been pushed through in such a deceitful manner from the start

  1. This is criminal and fraudulent.resignations demanded now.complete mismanagement.

  2. Ugh…we are getting so screwed! Micheal vote no!!

  3. lies lies and more lies. welcome to the new Ridgewood

  4. Hold off until the new village council takes over. Then dump it in the trash with Paul A and his political career.

  5. Very telling none of the 3 dandies are running for re-election….and yet they insist on pushing this through…they are tone deaf.

  6. Lie #12: “it could cost thousands”–do you mean tens or hundreds of thousands?

  7. can a new council change the contract with builders and reduce the height once the construction is already started?

  8. 3:37…Either. Interesting, you don’t have anything to say about 1-11.

  9. There is no parking on this street. These cars shown as parked cars is just wrong.

  10. Mount St Carmel..where is your important voice….cast out these moneychangers ..take an open position..bring the weight of your community into the discussion to end this scandal..growing closer each day to your unsafe structure to your own operations

  11. Rich Cundiff sends our an email claiming design D is one story shot.
    Roberta keeps posting that the garage is almost within the code for the height.
    Gwenn is still posting on facebook in multiple posts that the garage fits the lot and only sidewalk is being extended.

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