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Reader says Ridgewood used to be a nice place to live where you could peacefully go about your lives

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Ridgewood used to be a nice place to live where you could peacefully go about your lives. Now these intruders are led by the Record editor & championed by a councilman & a developer (gigantic flag ruining the view of downtown) who is trying to change the face of the whole town. Zero interest in anything except that of the self centered kind. Why have these towns become targets of intrusion where previously there was none? This thing of theirs has gotten the village on edge where previousy there was none.

19 thoughts on “Reader says Ridgewood used to be a nice place to live where you could peacefully go about your lives

  1. Because a disease called “progressive liberalism” has infected the minds of many weakened humans. Unfortunately neither you nor I can do much about it. They will kick us out and will claim the village sooner or later. Indeed they already own the village. The latest episode of rainbow flag at RHS is proof of it. They are in full campaign to infect as many youngsters as they can. Next year expect it to flay along the stars and stripes. The number of idiots roaming our streets has increased to alarming levels. The most extreme example is the shooting of the republican congressman in VA. There is no choice. Either you join the ranks of the idiot army or find refuge. It is just a horror movie where we actually happen to be part of. God help us.
    Ridgewood seems like it used to be a beautiful oasis until a few years ago, I only moved here a couple years ago and with what’s happening I am totally disappointed.

  2. Let us call out the rainbow flag wavers for what they are – racists.

    No I am not kidding. And this is not a conservative accusation. PROGRESSIVES are calling the rainbow flag racist because it excludes minority LGBTs.

    Philly has now added a brown and a black stripe to make the flag inclusive (see link below).

    So let us call out those flying a rainbow flag sans black and brown stripes in a white town like Ridgewood for what they are – racists.

    I sense a huge opportunity for 4 members of the council to seize the initiative, call out the flag bearers for their bigotry and install an inclusive version of the flag.

  3. Weakened humans, Infect, idiots, horror. Very sad.

  4. Gun control, please.

  5. The Gun Control has now be officially used by 7:31. What took you so long? Next it will be knife control..

  6. Gun control?
    Are you out of your fucking mind?
    The liberal gay mafia is coming for my family and I and your going to try and take away my second amendment rights?
    That effort died along with criminal Hilary’s loss. And I’m joining any ranks and I will not hide from these scumbags and they sure as hell are not taking over anything. You gotta go through me first.

  7. Strict gun laws are about as effective as strict drug laws

  8. the rainbow flag just promotes hate.

  9. “I’ll give up my gun when they pry my cold dead hands off of it”

  10. Why is the guy in the picture wearing Mickey Mouse Ears? 🙂

  11. Gun laws only affect law abiding gun owners.
    Criminals do not abide by gun laws.

  12. Liberal gay mafia? Progressive liberalism is a disease? Rainbow flag wavers are racists? You sick f$cks. You are probably a bunch of homophobic morons sitting in your basement jerking off to gay porn while on the outside touting how being gay is a choice and a disease. Go join the ranks of ISIS in some bumblef$ck mountain side in syria. You aren’t wanted nor needed here. ??

  13. Who are you 6:34 to decide who are nor wanted or need here. Typical liberal statement.

  14. I’m here 6:34, I’m straight, get used to it.
    It’s called DNA there Einstein and no matter what you do or what you think or what you try to impose on others to forward your pathetic sick agenda at the end of the day you are what the good lord made. Get the help you need and quite possibly you might be cured of your unnatural progression

  15. 12:49 Are you actually suggesting conversion therapy? That’s pathetic.

  16. We are all supposed to be adults. If you heard your children using the kind of language that we are being presented here, would you ignore it? Or would you inform them that the English language has enough colorful, decent adjectives that swear words really aren’t necessary in our conversation? Or would you egg them on with more disgusting vocabulary? Most of the comments are of factual interest and do not assume that the more unacceptable words you can use, the smarter you are.

  17. 6:34 is a hetrophobic racist

  18. “Conversion therapy” is illegal and bizarre. Gun control does not mean taking away legally obtained guns.

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