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Reader says Sad but true I just watched the meeting from Nov 2015. What a farce.

Habernickel HealthBarn USA protest

Sad but true I just watched the meeting from Nov 2015. What a farce.
Apparently this business had a start date set by the village before the village took any of the proper steps to place it at habernickle. except for the change of use which was done behind everyone’s back
Then the neighbors came to the meeting ( nov 2015) with NO time to prepare. 20-24 concerned tax payers spoke up and because of their intelligence and education in the matter ( that they got within 24 hours of their own personal research ) the town had to follow proper guidelines and the business WAS not allowed to open as scheduled. Fishy!! BuT no loss to the business the town let them use the stable!!! Nice favor Roberta! I wonder if she paid rent?
Whatever, the bottom line is the council had NO intention of following proper protocol of a green acre public park until it was pointed out to them by residents. They still didn’t want to but they had no choice since the state was involved. We still are NOT sure how it all happened behind closed doors but I will tell you aside from the garage meeting this was one of the best meetings to watch…shows how the public was harreassed and completely disregarded by Paul, Gwen,Albert and Roberta Sad but true!
Actually I think Roberta Sonenfeld told a neighbor that NO dogs were allowed in Habernickle YET they are…crazy she didn’t even know her own rules!! But let’s throw a business in there!!

2 thoughts on “Reader says Sad but true I just watched the meeting from Nov 2015. What a farce.

  1. James, through this blog, can you please ask the council and the village government about insurance. Does HealthBarn’s insurance covers kids when they are in the rental house or does it cover them when they are in the playground / park area too?
    HealthBarn uses the park area and the playground every day when the weather permits. When any other business or private entity wants to use village property, they are required to submit insurance paperwork. Does HealthBarn’s insurance cover park space / playground?

  2. Great question? It is all about covering the tax payers arce. Please look into this!

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