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Reader says , “Teachers and administrators should get over themselves “

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“the costs to bring our school buildings to an adequate level of safety for students and staff are astronomical.”

There’s no need to do any of that.

New Jersey’s top high school graduates, as a group, outstrip the academic achievements, performance, and potential of those of every other state. This is borne out by the fact that the cutoff for National Merit Semifinalist status, which in every state consists of the top half of the top one percent of PSAT test scores among Junior Year PSAT test takers in that particular state (the Junior year being the only year that counts for purposes if National Merit competition), is higher in New Jersey than it is for every other state, year in, year out. In fact, in recent years, the PSAT cutoff in New Jersey for achieving National Merit Semifinalist status has typically been only one point away from a perfect score. Mind you, every Junior in every U.S. state who elects to take the PSAT to get involved in the National Merit competition takes the exact same version of the PSAT test on the exact same day. So there is no funny business involved, and it becomes possible to do a perfect apples-to-apples comparison data between states to see which states are producing the greatest number of top-shelf college-ready students as a proportionate to the total number of high school graduates they certify in a given year.

So in this regard at least, New Jersey, with its combination of charter schools, county/magnet schools, regional public high schools, municipality-specific high schools (like in the Ridgewood district), and private schools, including religious/Catholic high schools like Bergen Catholic, Del Barton, St. Joseph, Don Bosco Prep, etc., and for all its obvious faults, has been going toe-to-toe with many larger and/or more glamorous states, many of whose residents may think they enjoy looking down their nose at us, and quietly trouncing them.

It is well known that New Jersey graduates filter into all the best schools, all over the country, and typically have no problem proving themselves worthy of the admission slot by which they were allowed to become part of their incoming freshman class.

That said, we here in New Jersey are about to wad up decades and decades of investment in blood, sweat, tears, and treasure building up our K-12 schools and their capacity to produce top-flight graduates, and toss the same directly into an incinerator. A total waste! All over a crummy virus that is predictably losing its zotch week after week, and moreover (despite what CNN and MSNBC is trying to tell you) has been proven to be treatable at multiple points of the infection timeline by effective, cheap, decades-old, exceedingly well-tolerated and safe medications, at least one of which is apparently also being used successfully as a routine preventative medicine.

Teachers and administrators should get over themselves, start taking a preventative medication if they are inclined to do so (as many, many front line workers have been doing, albeit many without admitting it), and get back to the important work they are being compensated so handsomely to perform before the single biggest motivation so many people have for moving to New Jersey and paying our exceedingly high property taxes for at least a decade or more evaporates into thin air.

4 thoughts on “Reader says , “Teachers and administrators should get over themselves “

  1. National merit status?
    PSAT tests?
    So you really give a shit if someone is “looking down their nose at you”?
    What frickin planet do you live on?
    Everything you espouse means absolutely nothing in the new world ahead of us. Your privilege is done.
    Worthy of admission? WTF are you?

  2. You sound like a liberal

  3. “National merit status?
    PSAT tests?
    So you really give a shit if someone is “looking down their nose at you”?
    What frickin planet do you live on?
    Everything you espouse means absolutely nothing in the new world ahead of us. Your privilege is done.
    Worthy of admission? WTF are you?”

    Aha. Right. “Your Privilege”. “New world”.

    Have you not revealed yourself ?

    According to you, is there any such thing as taking decades to develop and build an educational environment capable of refining an adolescent’s brain, study habits and impulse control over a decade to the point where they can leave the nest and take intellectual flight? Or are these not actual high school graduates, but merely cardboard cutouts, that if they weren’t propped up 24/7, and picked up and put down where they are supposed to go, would fall flat and end up being trampled underfoot?

    You appear to be admitting that what is really afoot here is an organized effort to totally upend the entirety of western civilization. Or at least a mindless razing of the multifaceted and sophisticated civil society we’ve spent more than four hundred years building here in North America.

    And to be replaced with what, exactly?

  4. Your fellow travelers overseas appear to be just as busy as you are:

    “Six major French cathedrals and churches have caught fire during the last year and a half: Notre Dame, Nantes, Rennes, Saint-Sulpice, Lavaur and Pontoise. Perhaps that is why historian Rémi Brague called the fire at Notre Dame “our 9/11”. The Observatory of Religious Heritage listed a total of 20 French churches that caught fire in just one year.

    “Little publicized and less condemned, attacks against Christian places of worship in France are multiplying and reaching alarming proportions. The Nantes fire was simply the latest in a succession of church destructions that have been going on for years and have apparently not scandalized anyone.

    “Religious affairs expert Nina Shea wrote that the perpetrators are anarchists, thieves, militant leftists, Satanists and Islamists, who all share the same hate for France and Western civilization. Anti-Semitism seems to go hand-in-hand with anti-Christian sentiment. In France, synagogues are protected “like fortresses”; Jewish schools have been targeted by terror attacks, and Jews have been advised not to wear any religious symbols for their own safety.

    “Anti-Christian incidents have risen by 285% between 2008 and 2019.”

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