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Reader says Teachers’ unions are 100 percent motivated to advance the interests of their tenutred members

Ridgewood Teachers Rally Against School Choice for Childern n

The truth will out. Teachers’ unions are 100 percent motivated to advance the interests of their tenutred members. When push comes to shove, the unions ALWAYS reveal their contempt for public school students. New laws are needed to stop this nonsense in its tracks. Teachers’ unions, bulletproof tenure, and foolish “last in first out” teacher hiring/firing rules HAVE TO GO. Take what the municipality chooses to give you or quit.

11 thoughts on “Reader says Teachers’ unions are 100 percent motivated to advance the interests of their tenutred members

  1. Teacher’s union are supposed to advance the agenda of their members. Trouble is the union leadership doesn’t do that. They are so caught up in the Liberal Agenda they get sidetracked. Why on earth would they be for any additional government spending that reduces the likelihood of the State making a pension contribution. Why on earth would they support Democrats that spend, spend, spend, until the State is broke, again leaving no money for a pension contributions.

  2. if you are not paying my taxes or my kids college education, you don’t get to vote on my behalf. Focus on your day job and your own family.

  3. Agree with 9:06. Starting to lose respect for teachers and their union. Always complaining about wages and benefits, always asking for educator’s discounts – holding students as ransom. Ridgewood teachers set a poor example for the profession.

  4. Tenutred? Education opinion from the spelling challenged? Only idiots lump all teachers together. We are 3rd best in the nation. It’s not the teachers union breaking the bank pension wise. Look at other civil service professions as well as our triple dipping pols. Most teachers would love to see the rotten apples get the boot as well. This is where the union is totally wrong. And no, I’m not a teacher. Instead of whining about taxes we pay, how about directing your vitriol at the federal reps who let us subsidize red states to the tune of tens of billions annually? NJ is the most “independent” state fiscal wise from the feds. If NJ got 70 cents back for the buck (as opposed to like 30 cents now in Bergen Cty) the pensions would be funded and we would have a surplus budget wise. Ironically the only one that has stated this on several occasions is our new congressman.

  5. “Starting to lose respect for teachers and their union. “
    Well, better late than never.
    Nice to see you are waking up. Coffees on.

  6. Alright, 11:06am, bet. Let’s dismantle the whole funding system keeping democrat politicians in power by eliminating *all* public sector employee unions and the huge cash and in-kind political contributions that are annually harvested therefrom. Statism will collapse both as a philosophy subscribed to by tens of housands of corrupt elites and millions of dupes and fellow travelers, and as a sprawling but largely hidden system by which the spoils of political victory are distributed to those same individials after having been *legally* (?) stolen from all ordinary Americans via oppressive municipal, state and federal tax levies. We the People will eventually recover this country, industry by industry, cultural sector by cultural sector, government bureaucracy by government bureaucracy. Big Media, Big Education, Big Government, Big Data, Big Entertainment, etc., start sweating bigly, and don’t stop looking over both shoulders, because there’s a new sheriff in town. MAGA, baby…

  7. 12:49 I like what you’re saying, but you seem to forget we live in New Jersey. Have you taken a look at Clinton’s margin of victory? Have you seen who we have as U.S. Senators? Do you realize we are about to elect Comrade Murphy as Governor.?

  8. 12:49 Have you watched the news in the last three weeks? trump is lurching from one self-made crisis to the next. Russia, China and North Korea are testing him. They see his weakness and are ready to pounce

    At home there are almost daily protests against him. He doesn’t understand the executive orders that he signs. He is child-like but not cute.

    Starting a betting pool on how soon president Pence takes over. trump is a huuuuuge disaster. I don’t care much for Pence but he will be way better than trump.

  9. Ye of little faith, 3:52pm. Give the guy a cabinet!

  10. Agreed 3:11, the unions rule NJ and the politicians are at their beck and call. They’re bankrupting the state and municipalities, and taxpayers get screwed at every turn. Benefits should be diminished big time, but the unions get the vote out to keep the good times rolling. You keep voting in theives and you’re gonna get robbed. Any time the unions want something, assume it’s bad for state and local tax payers.

  11. 3:52pm, check out the following (admittedly anecdotal):
    Self | Feb 15, 2017 | Self
    Posted on Wed Feb 15 2017 09:14:43 GMT-0500 (EST) by native texan
    Received this e-mail this morning from a friend of ours about his son who works at the Pentagon:
    Good news at last!
    Our son, “Joe”, works in a leadership position within US Special Operations, specializing in counter-terrorism, at the Pentagon. I spoke with him last night to get his view of how the first week of the Trump administration was perceived there. It was a short conversation but very informative.
    The difference he said is nothing short of amazing. It is almost as though you can feel it in the air, in the pace of people strides, in the expressions on their faces. But beyond that, the change in process has been immediate. Within 48 hours several action orders that had been languishing for up to six months between State, NSC, and the White House, were approved and executed. Over the last 8 years ( “Joe” has been there for about 15 years) and particularly, the last 3 to 4, the atmosphere has been stifling. Every little thing had to be vetted by dozens of 30-year old State Department lawyers ( with no military experience) before it even got up the chain, effectively neutering the senior officers and reducing effectiveness to near zero. This past week, “Joe” took something to General Dunford, our Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and within minutes it was approved by the SecDef, General Mattis ( both Marines, by the way) and greenlighted.
    There is new energy flowing through the whole building. There is a new sense of purpose, a new resolve that is palpable. A cloud has been lifted.
    Say what you will about our new president, and there certainly is a lot ( pro and con) that could be and is being said, the folks at the pentagon are walking with a new skip in their step.

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