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Reader says The community is tired of Valley’s bullying, the wasting of our taxes and time .


Reader says The community is tired of Valley’s bullying, the wasting of our taxes and time .

By this action, Valley has proven to me and to residents of this village that it is nothing more than a self interested business entity without any true integrity or competent leadership. This attempt will fail because the associated issues don’t support such a audacious over development. The community as a whole is now aware and tired of their bullying, the wasting of our taxes and time .It has become clear to many in all sections that fears of them trying to turn this town into Valleywood is coming true. The Board of Valley should be embarrassed by their lack of proper management planning,. their double talking and miscue on PV and their disgraceful approach and tactics agaisnt a host that has subsidized them for ages. Valley has lost its way and much of the goodwill that it once had. I personally will disassociate myself with the institution.

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22 thoughts on “Reader says The community is tired of Valley’s bullying, the wasting of our taxes and time .

  1. Yes, we should all disassociate ourselves from Valley. Choose another hospital and choose other doctors. It takes some effort, but is well worth it.

    Shame on Valley. We must communicate to judge.

  2. Why the Council isn’t standing up to them and telling them to contribute at least a $4 million PILOT to the Village “just because” is beyond me. Wake up Madam VM and Village Council, we’re being sued. Fight back ! The time for niceities are over, it’s brass knuckles time. The Valley Board and Audrey have it in for the Village. You people represent the Village…. so either stand up and fight for us – or resign because your conflicts don’t allow you to do the right thing and protect that taxpayers fo Ridgewood. Who cares if Valley leaves. They’re a horrible neighbor.

  3. We absolutely need to withhold donating time and money until the lawsuit is dropped. The Village council should immediately tear down all Valley advertisements in the Village. The lawsuit is an absolute outrage.

  4. Think about this. You are a business that goes out of it’s way to alienate the community that puts up with your noise, pollution, traffic, fire and police use, etc. Outside of the obvious that you are basically “getting away with murder” regarding taxes, why would ANY business take this approach ?

  5. Want a laugh — see the below from Valley’s website:

    “As a not-for-profit hospital, Valley is committed to giving back to the community.”

    “The Valley Hospital is proud of its history of … community service ….”

    “We are privileged to collaborate with and serve our … community ….”

    “We will remain committed to … responsiveness to community needs ….”

    So in line with these goals in mind, Valley has decided to file an expensive lawsuit against the community as a way of giving back to the community, adding to Valley’s history of community service and collaboration and responsiveness to the community???

  6. They use Village police & fire services, we keep the roads cleared around their property, and they pay us NOTHING in lieu of those services. Hey Roberta and Paul, hand Audrey a bill for $4 million for annual services provided by the municipality and tell her where she can stick her lawsuit. If Gwen complains, tell her to resign. Fight Valley !!!!

  7. Agree with #6. Make Valley fund the town’s defense of the lawsuit by making it pay up.

  8. Unfortunately if everyone in Ridgewood stopped seeing Valley doctors and didn’t use the hospital, which they should do. It is sickening, appropriate word, what Valley is doing, and I personally cannot continue using Valley doctors.

    But would it really have an affect on Valley. Aren’t many of their customers from other towns who don’t care if Valley develops a monstrosity here?

    Why would the town negotiate. What is the legal procedure. Can’t the CRR lawyer present a defence against the suit in court?

  9. Well Gwen and Albert better not vote on anything about Valley Hospital or there will be more than one lawsuit going on.

  10. I disagree with #9 I have faith the they can rise above their relationship with the hospital and do the right thing for Ridgewood after all thats why we voted for then to reprsent us on the Counci. They are fair and just people.l

  11. #10, You seem to forget Gwen once testified at a council hearing in favor of the first Valley expansion plan.

  12. If she cannot defend us as taxpayers in this frivolous and sickening action by Valley then she should resign. She is supposed to represent the interests of Village taxpayers, not Valley. Hopefully even she can recognize just how horrid and out of touch the board members for life are here… time to repeal the chapters of ordinance 3066 that allow for applications to amend the Master Plan, time to hand Valley a bill for all of the municipal services they use, and time to stand up for taxpayers, not Valley. Where are you council ? Where are you Madam VM ? Your silence is troubling. Surely Rogers can give you a comment to set the tone, like, “We’ve been attacked by Valley, and we resent their bullying tactics. The residents of Ridgewood will not be cowed, and we will not negotiate or settle with anyone trying to intimidate us. Here is your $10 million bill for municipal services.”

  13. When has the Mayor ever passed up a chance for publicity ? He’s voted against the Valley expansion plan.. TWICE. And now he’s silent? C’mon Paul, stand up for us here. You have the credentials and backing of Villagers to tell them where to stick their lawsuit.

  14. What Credentials? A Politician?

  15. Well Ridgewood is gone. Can we all hold hand as Rev. Al leads us through the doorway. Say Amen

  16. HELLO?
    It’s OVER people…..
    Your too late….
    Stop using valley?
    You people can’t even drive to village hall and vote
    Let alone drive to Hackensack when your liver falls out.

  17. Only about 5% of Valley’s patients are from Ridgewood so a boycott won’t do much. It’s time to pin this fiasco on the Council – particularly Mr. Pucciarelli and Mrs. Hauck both of whom have close ties. Where do they stand now? Simple question.

    As for our Mayor, he opined during his last campaign that the 2010 Master Plan Amendment should come off the books. Now would be a good time to remind him of that.

    I think that lawn signs would be a great idea. Valley’s supporters have had their head in the sand for a while hoping this will all go away so now would be a good time to remind them how evil their beloved Hospital is. Plus, for some reason, lawn signs really seem to annoy them.

    1. yet the mayor campaigned on the idea of inviting Valley to resubmit there expansion plans beacuse some how the two years of hearing prior were tainted

  18. Clearly the chapters of ordinance 3066 that allow for applications to the Master Plan need to be repealed, lawn signs need to go up, and we need to hand Valley a big bill for municpal services rendered. The silence from the Council and Village here is deafening. Makes you all look complicit in this, like it was a pre-arranged deal where Valley sues, and then the Council “settles”. We’re not falling for that scam.

  19. This town better do something because it’s becoming very clear even to those who don’t live here that Ridgewood is becoming a place that is no longer on the “A List” of places to live in Bergen County, or New Jersey,for that matter. And if you reside anywhere in Ridgewood, and you think this very bad joke that has gone way too far is going to benefit ANYTHING associated with living here you really do have your head in the wrong place.

  20. sorry #20 …..the A list ship sailed long ago…..
    And it’s been crystal clear to anyone who doesn’t
    Live in Ridgewood…’s the people that live here that don’t get it…….

  21. Oh, most of us get it. We’re just trying to stay off the “other” list, which this proposal will no doubt put us on.

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