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Reader says, “The dark side is supporting Loncto for BOE”

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The dark side is supporting Loncto for BOE. Signs are on the lawns of Voigt, Sonenfeld, Aronsohn, Jeanne Johnson, Willett. Are you going to endorse a candidate on The Blog? It has to be Kaufman. He is not strong, that is for sure.. But he is sincere. Loncto sucks. At the debate the other night he was watching Fishbien and Hutton for cues. And Fishbein and Hutton were all but laughing out loud and they were slapping their knees every time Kaufman spoke. Loncto was appointed once and then ran unopposed the next time. With seven years of experience he still had to read pre-scripted answers to questions.The thing is, ANYONE BUT LONCTO. He is part of that toxic soup of the BOE and we have to start cleaning them out.

18 thoughts on “Reader says, “The dark side is supporting Loncto for BOE”

  1. Loncto has to go. Kaufman is the man

  2. Mr.Kaufman will grow into the role.

    Even Derek Jeter took some time to reach his greatness. Michael Jordan didn’t make his HS team. Judge took some time too.

    We need to give Cris a chance. He is a smart guy with a practical view and has an independent way of thinking. Most of all, he truly cares about the wellbeing of kids.

    Ask all the parents whose kids were coached by him. 100% rave reviews.

  3. Hahahahahahahahahaha……Loncto is being supported by the worst of the worst. Not a good thing for Loncto. So glad that sensible people see Kaufman as a breath of fresh air.

  4. VOTE Cris Kaufman!!!

  5. I am tired of having shit thrown in my face when I express an independent , individual opinion that doesn’t fall lockstep with a particular group or political party. But here goes:
    I was all for Kaufman at the start. I watched the debate and I do think he is sincere and I will even forgive that he had months to prepare and still was clueless on quite a few aspects of the school system. What troubles me immensely, and why I may vote for Loncto , yes, because I don’t want not to vote.
    So here is why I might vote for Loncto: When Kaufman kept insisting that you have to have kids in the school system to be a good and knowledgeable BOE member, my God in heaven that is beyond ignorant, my fellow bloggers. That smacks of someone who may old deep inner prejudices and one who is likely to discriminate for reasons of race, sex, religion , age. MY God in heaven I have a relative who is a renown child psychologist in Manhattan and who was unmarried without children for most of her career. But she UNDERSTOOD CHILDREN anyway, because of her studies she has a PHD. and also because I would guess because she is naturally empathetic,and because she WAS ONCE a CHILD HERSELF, in other words she is a human being. Kaufman seems to have demonstrated that he is a man of ridged fixed opinions on what kind of human being is fit for certain roles in our society based on age, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, etc. I don’t trust him.
    Now, Here comes the shit parade. Please James, do not once again reveal my name. Please remember my fellow bloggers, that we are living in a time when American citizens are being persecuted for reasons of race, gender, sexuality, religion , ethnicity. This issue is beyond money. I don’t care if the budget goes up; I want discrimination, persecution to go down. I judge a man or woman by his words, and Kaufman kept insisting that you have to have kids of school age EVEN AFTER Loncto said he had had twins. My God in heaven, what have we here. Let’s clear our mind of prejudice, prejudice that says Kaufman has to be good, because Loncto is not the best. I was the blogger who told you guys not to vote for Voigt and boy did I get shit thrown in my face.

  6. Re:
    “I was the blogger who told you guys not to vote for Voigt and boy did I get shit thrown in my face.”
    So… your plan is to be wrong this time because you were right last time?
    Loncto is just as bad as Voigt

    Just curious – Are you a graduate of the Ridgewood school system?

  7. Here you go…
    Easy way to remember who to vote for/against:
    Loncto = LoncNO

  8. Why is Hutton hanging around….?

  9. I too was uncomfortable with Mr. Kaufman’s performance but all I had to do was to see who is supporting Loncto and hearing that Jeff Voigt was actually bullying a gentleman at the event to know that I am casting a vote for Kaufman. The Dark Side is busy preparing for Council elections in 2020. Some how this is all connected. Don’t understand them but I know I disagree with just about everything they are for. Please cast a vote for Kaufman. He deserves a chance.

  10. May have to agree with our long winded compadre. Would have hoped for some more substance. I too was initially going to vote for him, now I am back to pondering the two choices.

  11. RE:
    “May have to agree with our long winded compadre. Would have hoped for some more substance. I too was initially going to vote for him, now I am back to pondering the two choices.”
    I’d like to think that you are just a fool for considering Loncto after what is now known, but the reality is that you are either Loncto himself or one of his handlers.
    You’re not fooling anybody.

  12. $110 million budget and our schools not even ranked anymore in the top twenty in the state. Only four Ivy Leaguers amongst 2018 graduating class. Ridgewood schools are living off the fumes of reputation. Taxpayers not getting their money’s worth, but teachers certainly are, not upholding the Tradition of Excellence but profiting from it. Cha-ching!

  13. Why did Mr.Loncto…
    1. Use 2008 to 2018 rather than 2009 to 2019? Cherry pick?
    2. Why does he confused the terms debt and liability?
    3. Why does he confuse tax levy cap and operating budget?
    4. Why does he say referendum debt service doesn’t hit the bottom line?
    5. Why does he not make Dr.Fishbein create an ongoing facility plan? Instead projects are picked partly on impulse.
    6. Why does he say he is using the 2018 audited data, when 2018 audit isn’t done yet.

    And more importantly, why doesn’t he ever question Dr.Fishbein? BOE’s role is to set goals, oversee the Superintendent, approve the budget and communicate with the Community.

  14. Cris Kaufman’s only flaw is that he is not experienced at being a BOE member and he is not super polished in a venue like the “debate.” This is not a character flaw. Loncto is experienced because he has 7 years on the Board. I am sure Cris will know more in seven years. And Loncto had to READ answers after SEVEN YEARS of experience. Cris is natural, he is not scripted, he is enthusiastic, smart, involved, and he is a listener. I saw him at one of the coffees and he was aces in this less formal environment. Loncto, by the way, was appointed the first time and ran unopposed the second time so he never had to go through this debate scene EVER. Voting for Kaufman, no doubt about it. Loncto has to GO.

  15. Signs for Loncto are at the homes of: Pucciarelli, Voigt, Hauck, Aronsohn, Reilly, Sonenfeld, Willett, Halaby, and Jim Griffiths. There is NOTHING more to say here.

    CRIS KAUFMAN gets my vote. Done

  16. Kaufman is not perfect, but Loncto is perfectly horrible. Vote for Kaufman

  17. Kaufman was not prepared at all during the debate, it was so sad because he seems like a nice dad. Then, the Webcast interview didn’t go well at all. It’s obvious the anti amigo residents are feeding him a crock of stories that Kaufman hasn’t even researched. He’s overwhelmed and not ready for this job. Sorry

  18. Once again neither candidate is desirable.

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