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Reader says The give away at Habernickle Park is insane


This was one of many Roberta favors for a friend with full support from the 3 amigos. If tax payers took a few minutes to get the facts about where their money goes instead of just bitching about parking they would be shocked.
The give away at habernickle Park is insane. Use of 11 acres and all the amenities we tax payers pay for a mere $3700 a month. No water bill either for a gardening business.
Let’s talk liability too.. the VC is ignoring the ridiculous hellbarn contract..who is looking out for us? Say one of the 25-30 kids arriving by bus gets hurt…gets hurt while hiking on the steep terrain ( yes they go into the woods during the healthy eating camp and field trips ) I guess because there isn’t much else to do!! Anyway who will be paying that law suit…YOU the tax payers because the VC is allowing a business to USE the park as part of her business plan!!!
So basically healthbarn charges kids to use a free park…scam or what???
And anything that may go wrong with these “keep busy” activities because the garden is frozen, falls on us tax payers…part of the activities for this healthy eating class (haha) is kids also paying healthbarn to be on the soccer field and hang on the broken nets.. not playing soccer just hanging around and tearing up our nets.
That sounds fun…( NOT) until someone gets hurt and tax payers are paying those bills too along with all the other bills we pay for at the gate house to operate just so Roberta’s friends business makes money!
Thanks VC for not looking into this contract after Roberta left and clearing up any possible liability that may fall upon tax payers.
An overhaul of this lease is long over due!!! Take the time and do it. We cannot afford yet another law suit!

15 thoughts on “Reader says The give away at Habernickle Park is insane

  1. It was disgraceful that a FRIEND of Roberta’s was gifted so much in terms of this lease. Disgusting.

  2. There has to be someway of cancelling it! Is she even insured for all the possible mishaps that could occur? Even if she is, the rule is always go for the deepest pockets. That makes Ridgewood liable. Town lawyer, have you looked into this potential disaster?

  3. There has been a lot of bitching about this for some time now.
    Does anyone on the current council care? Has there been any discussion on breaking the lease or are we just waiting it out?
    When is the lease up?

  4. 1/2 of the property should have been left as a horse farm with indoor riding ring and rented stables. The income from the rentals would have been 10k-12k a month. The other half could have been ball fields and a nature walk. I always loved driving by and seeing horses in town.

  5. If only the tax payers would start to care. I don’t care if only $2.00 a year of my hard earned money goes to a private business just because it is in town. It is not fair. Why should I be paying for someone else’s success.

    I don’t know much about this but it sounds like a clear mid use of tax payers dollars.

    What is going on ??

  6. Why are tax payers dollars going to a private business??

    Who is actually in charge of our money?

    Isn’t the water suit enough of a liability?

    Who is looking out for the average Ridgewood resident and our money?

  7. It is revolting. If the council does not give her proper legal notice immediately that she will be evacuating the premises permanently no later than on the last day of her current contract, we have an even bigger problem.

  8. Poor Roberta her problem was she put too much trust in annex operational manager, And she was fed all horse manure what a shame.

  9. 9:44 The only horse manure that Roberta was fed was the nonstop praise from the terrible trio. They could not stop singing her praises. Went right to her head. Not like her ego needed any feeding, it was huge to begin with.

  10. Past village manager and council has been out of power for a while now It is time to hold current mayor and manager responsible for not leading in all these issues We really need strong leadership in the village and just don’t have it Maybe the mayor should look at this with the same passion she had to get her kids onto the village payroll, she certainly got that done quickly Do we really believe that the mayor or Sedon are sucesfull business executives with extensive leadership experience ?

    We need real leaders in the village and schools, not local folks with little leadership skills and vision We are not getting even close to the best in these roles and then complain when things go wrong

  11. Yes the current village manager has ignored many many different complaints from tax payers. From the intrusive lighting petition that had signatures from the whole neighborhood on Andover to chartered busses illegally parked in hillcrest rd

    The list is endless and has been ignored for 2 1/2 years.

    Now the point of liability and use of tax payers money is even more important. All the NIMBY folks who don’t care that one neighborhood was destroyed by this business should start to realize down the road it can effect them too!

    Wake up and care people about your friends and neighbors and Your almighty dollar

  12. I love it villages in a shit storm Rome is burning, they said it won’t happen but it’s happening. The village and one time was number one in the area not anymore, we used to be leaders in our followers. We are Lost because of an experience leadership throughout the village, we have boys and girls doing ladies and men s jobs . I think we should desire a bunch of experience with ladies from New York City to straighten his shit out, because maybe that’s what we need to change.

  13. Questioners have been asking for well more than a year how we could get rid of the Health Barn. We’ve never gotten an answer from anyone in power. In fact our council has encouraged use of the Barn as in a Christmas dinner for Seniors, etc. To my knowledge, we have never received any response from any member of the Council. If they think it is so goof for Ridgewood (as implied by their continual lack of answers), couldn’t they at least quit doing goodies for free and make sure her insurance papers cover all possible disasters–even an accident between two vehicles going to her location at the same time. It sure looks like Santa thinks she should get every little thing she wants basically for free. Ridgewood Council members, your goals should be the best possible thing for Ridgewood residents–not for a favored employer who doesn’t even live in Ridgewood so has no personal money on the line.

  14. All good points. Looking into this disaster that was given by past council is long over due

    The fact that it is one of Roberta’s many mistakes doesn’t take away from the fact that it is ignored by present council and village manager

    This was also supported ( we don’t know why) by tim Cronin who is now gone!! And Nancy bidios.

    Plain and simple if it costs the tax payers money to have it in Ridgewood why have it? If there is a possibility of a mishap that could cost tax payers money why support it? If it challenges a neighborhoods quality of life why have it?

    This business is a taker but pretends with the help of parks and rec to be a giver. Get the facts not true.

  15. 9:am You have broken down this problem to it’s base. If a private business on Village property costs the Village money, it is not a good fit with Ridgewood. You can’t draw any clearer picture. If, somehow, this statement isn’t true, please quit ignoring all the complaints and prove the contrary. Putting blinders on may help you not see it, but it won’t lessen the money being stolen by them. “Stolen”: the taking of something that does not belong to you and profiting from it. “Stolen” the peace and quiet of a neighborhood–excess vehicles. excess lights, excess noise. The residents moved into a quiet residential neighborhood with little activity on their streets. The prior council decided it was fair to all to take this away and turn a residential area into a business zone. And lose money besides! This isn’t an airport which would have been obvious and one could have chosen not to live there. Businesses were not permitted in residential areas. And not permitted on areas purchased with Green Acres money. That place is at the opposite extreme from peaceful green acres. Can’t the council show how all this is legal and acceptable? How they can’t be forced out? That the town makes actual money even counting all the funds that the village has expended and will continue to spend? Please come out from hiding under your beds and tell us what is really going on! The council is obviously acting under the assumption if they “see no evil, do no evil” all will just disappear quietly into the mists of time. NOT!!

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