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Reader says “The internet livin is toxic “


Not TRUE. I was told that if someone, say a child, puts in Google the word “breast,” say the child is wanting to find out about his mother’s breast cancer, he will get porno links. Those he may investigate, not knowing what they are. Many other words LEAD to porn. As I said, the best way to avoid the negative effects of internet, is to do what Bill Gates does with his school children: no internet. DUH. By the time a kid is a senior in high school he/she can pick up the internet then , very quickly. But gee whiz, guys, how did Einstein and company invent all our modern miracles without the Internet. How did Jonas Salk discover the vaccine that eliminated polio without the internet. . I bet the internet weakens or does eye damage too. Yes there are some advantages, but more negatives by far. Going to library to look something up in a book or Encyclopedia was far better way of learning. I would hazard a bet that you Remembered the material better too. Why. Because for one your body had to move. Muscle to brain connection. And you didn’t read a lot of other stuff afterward. Your brain wasn’t over whelmed. You opened the encyclopedia, wrote it down, and then went on to something else in life, and your brain remembered it. The internet leads to over consumption, buying crap you don’t need , depleting the environment. I mean , hey, your sittin on your fat ass, surfin, then you get bored and sluggish and then BUY stuff on Amazon etc. And then you open the crap packages. And then you get bored and then the cycle continues. Walkin to the library, openin the encyclopedia with your hands and arms. Readin letters that are comfortable for your eyes, writing down , walkin home, and then maybe playin a ball game or sompin. Now that is healthy livin. The internet livin is toxic.

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  1. Spoken like someone who has never used the internet before. SafeSearch has existed for over a decade now.

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