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Reader says The truth is we all bear responsibility for having allowed the exploitation to take place

3 amigos in action Ridgewood NJ

Arohnson is enough of a politician to have seen the gathering winds of suburban change and the undercurrent of discord that was building up. Then, he exploited. He used fear of change to create an appealing political message averring managed growth based on shared values. Once he had his triumpherate in place, however, he then set about reoraganizing things according to his own myoptic view. As he was fond of saying, he wanted to remodel Ridgewood in the pattern of the Brunswicks. Developers, hospital administrators, restaurant owners and others drove pick up trucks through his naivete, arrogance, stupidity and, yes, greed, and we taxpayers are left with the mess and the tax burden.
But, its wrong to blame this one target (no matter how blameworth it is ). The truth is we all bear responsibility for having allowed the exploitation to take place. And now the question is what are we really doing to undo what was done and put us back on track.

12 thoughts on “Reader says The truth is we all bear responsibility for having allowed the exploitation to take place

  1. The truth is we all bear responsibility for having allowed the exploitation to take place. No your wrong. Just the ones that voted for the 3 Amigos bear the responsible. They bought into the bullshit and our now try to spread the blame on all the residents. SUCK IT UP!

  2. So that leaves me scot free of dealing with the results of their terrible decisions? Just because you couldn’t have paid me to vote for any of those three. The question is: Is there anyway we can get out of any of their decisions? We seem to be just agreeing it is a fait accompli and there is absolutely nothing that can be done about it. Is this true?

  3. Is there any real reason that we have to keep seeing these same old pictures of council members that are no longer in office.??????
    Please blogger man, give us all a break. We have had enough.

  4. People in ridgewood have short memories. Please blogger man keep posting these pictures to remind the residents that voted for the 3 Amigos how they fell for their bullshit and how their vote screwed this town.

  5. 7:25, unfortunately you have to keep seeing their pictures because their effects are still being felt. And now Aronsohn has brought more shame on Ridgewood with his ethics violation.

  6. So very true

  7. Yep, hate seeing the picture of Slick Paulie all the time, but yep, keep em coming becuase it would be an outrage to allow them to creep back into Village government.
    But now, lets get this current council moving in the right direction too.

  8. We had hope that his Council would restore our Village. Turns out they lack courage to clean house and demand order. Perhaps we were just fooled again.

  9. I think I agree with 1101. Had very high hopes, but now I wonder…

  10. 11.01. I kissed my hopes goodbye a while ago. Sadly local politics mirror nationwide one. We have come to a point where we vote for the lesser of 2 evils. We don’t have the luxury of voting for someone who would do good things for us. This VC is toothless but is less harmful than the previous one. These people just like sitting on a high chair and have no energy to do great things for RW. Aronsohn & co were more ambitious and evil. My feeling is that in next elections after we express our frustration and pick up other people for VC we will end up worse. Catch 22. Damned if you vote damned if you don’t.

  11. VOR Road Surfaces are so poorly maintained & damaged -that any increase in snow or ice treatments / salting will be a severe risk to our expensive cars and family safety .A complete failure of town management.STOP blaming PSEG FOR IT ALL. A part of the picture, but towns fix utilities all year round..look at Fairway,North pleasant avenues as example..there are hundreds of streets in shambles..we wasted over 50k plus on Garagezilla fantasy planning and site and architects costs..

  12. sadly Bruce 1:01 and other caring taxpayers ..the hacks know we all eventually vote with our feet and sell and move..They just wait us out and welcome the new Rubes with Kids and dreams to process through our good schools..a Ponzi scheme..with meeting minutes..

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