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Reader says , “the Village should sell the firewood and make money”

Tree Falls Knocking Out Phones and Power on High Street in Ridgewood

file photo by Boyd Loving

Well as a village tax payer for 40 years the village in the past 20 years used to give away when you compost and woodchips for free and delivery call for free. But dad have stopped. But that’s OK I understand . I was told that they have a buyer for all of the compost and wood chips Which is a good thing. So I think we could do the same with the wood , sell it and make money, it’s a no brainer .

3 thoughts on “Reader says , “the Village should sell the firewood and make money”

  1. Is this town dumb. We sell water , so why the hell would u not sell the wood. I love it.

  2. Bullsh!t. How much will they make from selling a few logs, $1000? Give it to residents. They are making some people happy. By the way as of yesterday afternoon no more firewood available.

  3. Rome burns..Nero fiddles ..SOP in Ridgewood..sadly..

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