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Reader says , “These brats assume they have the right to destroy society”

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photos by Boyd Loving

“The first respondent asked why “all of Ridgewood” wasn’t invited, and the answer is really simple. These “teens” as they call themselves with their meeting “for teens, run by teens” invitation first of all, aren’t teens, and they are not looking for the betterment of society but rather, how many institutions can they attack and destroy. Their crowd of “know it all young adults” who consider themselves teens so they can hope to not be responsible for their actions. They hope to be getting more bleeding hearts who say “How could those big mean cops pick on a Latino teenager? They are obviously racists.” “or pick on an innocent teen (?) girl” who “just happened” to come with own photographer, recorder, and lawyer on July 4th? These brats assume they have the right to destroy society so they can have fun and get people to support them. Parents, please talk logic to your kids and hopefully get them to not participate in these mobs. Someone is going to get hurt.”


15 thoughts on “Reader says , “These brats assume they have the right to destroy society”

  1. Ridgewood JOLT is a community organization whose mission is to activate citizens to JOIN, ORGANIZE, LEAD, AND TEACH in the interest of furthering an educated, motivated citizenry. Our mission is to protect and fight for our democracy through active participation in upcoming elections, monitoring and acting on legislative activity, educating ourselves and others as to our rights and our laws, and using the power of our purse to affect change and require accountability from corporations dependent on our economic participation. Our private group is Ridgewood JOLT on facebook.

  2. There is a NJ Show Up event for Saturday, August 6 in Van Neste. The flyer shows bicycles. Sponsored by Ridgewood Black Liberation.

    Jan Philips has been sharing the flyer on Facebook. Looks to be a fun night in downtown Ridgewood. Welcome back.

  3. The Village should charge whomever is incharge of this “Jersey Show”Up for the extra police and clean up for this event.

  4. More leftist bullshit brainwashing! Nope not interested.

  5. Won’t this walk of Ridgewood Black Liberation at Van Neste Park,
    jumping in and planing an event Aug 6. be in conflict with the
    already planned Annual Chamber Commerce town Summer sidewalk
    sales and the welcome back to Ridgewood merchants pedestrian
    mall and outdoor dining?

    Seems to appear it will be more disruptive to the towns pre-planned
    events. If a permit is needed for events, should consider it for another location
    to avoid conflicts, less congestion for the safety of everyone.

  6. Jolt this !

  7. My bad. It’s Thursday, August 6

  8. Jan Philips is promoting the “Show Up”. The organizers have incited Ridgewood Jolt to join them. Jolt has been their strongest defenders and has lawyers offering services.

    Activism from the comforts of Ridgewood.

  9. More like liberation of residents’ bank accounts to pay for 6-figure social justice jobs for the liberators. I’ll pass and warn others.

  10. JOLT = SHIT

  11. Ridgewood is Ripe For the Picking
    When will they start burning the CBD ???

  12. Let’s hope they keep it to just the park. More disruption to down town. Will they flood the sidewalks and disrupt diners?
    I agree. Charge this group for the extra cops needed.
    Will the bikes be driving at cars and pedestrians? Surprised no one knocked these idiots off their bikes for riding at them. That will hurt much more than the trouble maker that got taken to the police station.

  13. August 6 is first day of ridgewood sidewalk sales. I bet that is why they are doing this. To be disruptive again. Hope cops keep them out of that area.

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