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Reader says , “This is a HUGE embarrassment for Ridgewood taxpayers”

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Someone’s head should roll for this major screw up by the BOE’s IT department, but we know from past experience with similar boondoggles by municipal government entities (e.g., the theft of over 3/4 million dollars worth of parking utility revenue), that NO ONE WILL EVEN BE DISCIPLINED, let alone fired.
This is a HUGE embarrassment for Ridgewood taxpayers and the Ridgewood Public School System. Property values are certain to take a hit from this.
Voters should take note of the names of Board members who were on duty when this occurred (Ms. Brogan, Ms. Krauss, Mr. Morgan, and Ms. Smith-Wilson) and vote them out when their respective seats are up for grabs.

8 thoughts on “Reader says , “This is a HUGE embarrassment for Ridgewood taxpayers”

  1. “A Tradition of Incompetence”

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  3. The buck stops at the top. Fire Dan the man and vote the Board out.

  4. Lol i love the fake shock parents

  5. TRB warned about all the left wing spam in the schools mail system now this crap

  6. Everybody is quick to fire this one and that one, but no one steps up to run. The Monday morning quarterbacks in this town are unbelievable along with their yes men and women. Do something!!

  7. Between this and the incessant bullying and cyber bullying, why would anyone send their kids to Ridgewood schools. Disgraceful and incompetent!!!

  8. Between the porn, lax filtering protocols and the Village website running a crypto currency miner last year, I wonder what is going on with the IT departments in the Village. I wonder what other areas has the ball been dropped?

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