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Reader says, Vote NO on the school budget !

Reader says, Vote NO on the school budget !

The VC and BOE are unreal (except for a couple realists like Morgan).

Does anybody every want to cut their budget? No.

Do financial realities require this? Yes.

Everyday, private companies are making the hard choices. Restructuring jobs, departments, making due with less, etc. due to financial constraints.

What have we seen with the VC and BOE? Nibbling around the edges. Threatening wholesale reductions to sports. What about negotiating reasonable pay packages? Rationalizing school administration? Saying no to scope creep?

If the BOE says “No”, to financial oversight, we should say “NO!” to the budget.

It’s time for a change.


4 thoughts on “Reader says, Vote NO on the school budget !

  1. Wrong argument. Schools are not companies. So you got what you wanted for your kids and now that they have graduated you want to take the district down. A little selfish yes?

  2. They should be run more professionally. My kids are still in the system. I think they can get a perfectly good education with a more efficiently run school system. “Do it for the kids” is not a valid argument when the school system is bankrupting families.

    Taxes should not increase above inflation for decades.

    Stop building more classrooms (ie 40+m bond) that will have to be maintained. Stop turfing everything. Stop adding new courses without reducing other offerings. Don’t fall for the false arguments of the teachers union that if you don’t give in to raises, ridgewood is going to lose teachers. WHERE ARE THEY GOING TO GO? Teaching in Ridgewood is essentially a job for life, with payments increasing for longevity (i.e. 100k+ ridgewood h.s. gym teacher!). what is wrong with this picture?


  3. Show me one program Brogan hasn’t voted for. To her a budget “cut” means only a 4-5% iincrease

  4. The original poster (Thed) who is also #2 above has this very right.

    Endless more-more-more is not the answer. Sometimes LESS is actually more.

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