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Reader says Wake up New Jersey


Wake up NJ. Boeing, ATT (who move down out of NJ), Comcast, Wells Fargo, and about 12 more companies so far have announced employee bonuses, wages, increased capital spend, and hiring all due to tax cut. That is all great for middle class and everyone else
Illoinis (another high tax state) like NJ calculate it is losing people at the rate of one every 4 minute every to low tax states. Wonder how NJ is doing for mid to high income families leaving the state? How many will leave when Murphy gets his way.
How can anyone defend a 11-13% state income tax in a state that is bankrupt. How can anyone defend ridgewood property tax that is some cases are 50-100k on houses that lose value every year, with schools getting worse, services declining, and no end in sight. Can we really defend a 110 million annual school budget? How many adminstrators do we need? How many vehicles does the schools need? We neeed to really look into this budget and trim the fat. The kids are getting shortchanged. Walk into the high school and look at the teacher absense list and how many kids get assigned to just sit in a large room with a supervisor but no lessons.
We need to wake up, the federal government is finally doing something. Local should be easier with proper leadership.

3 thoughts on “Reader says Wake up New Jersey

  1. Boeing has numerous gov’t contracts, AT&T is trying to get a merger past the justice dept. and Wells Fargo is just trying to keep their executives out of jail. This is all just political ass kissing.

  2. What about the other 45 companies that announced similar positive items

    Must be sad to live a life where facts are so evasive that even good news becomes bad

  3. If nj ever elected a republican senator, then we would have some influence on policy. But this left wing Union owned state elects democrat puppets like booker, Mendez , lautenberg , Bradley types who forget their constituents and do whatever Charles schumer or Harry Reid told them. So we get screwed and are last in the nation with respect to dollars sent to Washington . Do not blame republicans in Washington for the high no property taxes
    Blame nj democrat state politicians who are owned by th overpaid unions that own this state. And special merit goes to left wing activist no Supreme Court with their abbot vs. Burke school ruling that screws every taxpayer in th state to fund the Mis managed shit holes of Newark Camden and Paterson .

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