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Reader says we are in some serious trouble if this generation, the Millennial Generation, is our future


Reader says  we are in some serious trouble if this generation, the Millennial Generation, is our future.

Folks, we are in some serious trouble if this generation, the Millennial Generation, is our future. Yes, they are lovely, bright kids. However, they are just not like any previous generation of young adults who needed a little prodding into adulthood. There’s plenty of blame to go around as to why they are the way they are. You can blame growing up in the era of decadence, social media, everyone-gets-a-prize education, celebrity culture, helicopter parents, etc. Bottom line, they are narcissistic, entitled, lazy, and see absolutely nothing wrong with continuing their childhoods into their late 20s living off mom and dad. Yes, they’ll tell you that they are looking for work, but their concept of looking for work is a little web searching, emailing copies of their resumes, and then getting on with far more serious projects like updating their social media status. They aren’t really looking for work because they don’t want/need to. They don’t have the scary crap to deal with that real grown ups have when dealing with unemployment. Don’t you know that they are special? In college, they were convinced that they were going to graduate and get rich running their own blog, or starting up the equivalent of Google. For God’s sake, you really don’t expect them to get up at 6am like the rest of us and get a bus into NYC to work all day in an office do you? Having gotten into bed at 3am, such a daily schedule would simply not be a good fit.

6 thoughts on “Reader says we are in some serious trouble if this generation, the Millennial Generation, is our future

  1. Ridgewood Baseball is going door to door just plain asking for money. This is to finance their trip to Myrtle Beach. I would like someone to finance a trip to Myrtle Beach for my family.

    They can’t even be bothered to think of a fundraising idea. Who allows this? It is outrageous that these pampered students should knock on doors expecting residents to hand them money. Who will keep track of this cash?

  2. Ending ALL door-to-door solicitations, including student fund raisers, Girl Scout cookie sales, and yes, religious intruders unless that is literally illegal on a county, state, or federal level, would be a significant benefit to residents.

  3. Written by a GenX’er with little kids. If you think the young adults of today are bad, just wait until the little brats of today grow up with parents who don’t have a clue. #1 gave a perfect example….these kids didn’t come up with the fundraising idea themselves….it had to be the clueless parents who want everything handed to them.

  4. OK, what RBSA adult thought that going door to door and just asking for money was a good idea?

    Fundraising is hard, asking for money is lazy. It is not as if they needed money for uniforms, they are going to Myrtle Beach. Isn’t that the parent’s job to get their kids to the tournament?

    Travel teams are expensive. An article in today’s Record pointed out that few families ever recoup the money that they spend on travel teams with college scholarships.

  5. As I drove by the High School and was accosted for $ at the red light, I thought to myself, I would be thrilled to give a kid $20 to mow my lawn or do some other chores around my yard. These are 13 year old boys. They can do plenty of useful chores. They should stop teaching them to beg for money and teach them to work.

    In this age of the internet, you can even avoid going door to door. Setup a web page where we can post odd jobs and kids can accept. It would be a win-win for the entire community.

  6. I agree with the work for money idea. Door to door asking for money is strange. What is to stop a charity (is RBSA a charity now?) from going door to door asking for cash?

    I also think that allowing kids to walk into a busy intersection (like a homeless person) asking for money is an accident waiting to happen.

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