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Reader says , “What is needed are fewer cars more public transportation”

NJT CBD Ridgewood

file photo by Boyd Loving

What is needed are fewer cars more public transportation. NO parking garage here no tearing down of islands at train station. Being satisfied with the room there is without mutilating the town design and encouraging more cars. Stores get enough business the way it is now. Making space for more cars on these narrow streets is wrong from a safety angle, an aesthetic angle, a health pollution angle, a comfort angle meaning more crowding. When town gets built up it will be another city like Hackensack.

5 thoughts on “Reader says , “What is needed are fewer cars more public transportation”

  1. author please run for mayor we need direct communication


  2. Yeah!! Yeah !!
    Now get out of my way, my Escalade and I are late for my Hot Cappuccino Yoga class.

  3. Of course, the person who wrote this is happily driving his/her car.

    These kinds of “everyone should” comments are idiotic and unrealistic.

  4. The buses need to slow down in the c b d ,

  5. hands off the main parking lot’s not perfect but
    the developers and their bulldozers have small aunts that need a place to park their small mini. coopers …NOT

    A COMPLETE BUTCHERY OF THE Current need to
    monkey with the train lot..we all know the pattern now it’s faults and its glories for early Parkers to get out fast..that’s’s a proposed land grab folks for $ 12 to $ 1300 permit spots for more wall streeters who don’t have small cars
    anyway ..someone loves their local contractors to blow up the lot and its fragile sewers and Pedestian patterns.night and mornings are very dark there ..people shall die

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