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Reader says You would think that simply cleaning Van Neste park would be a step in the right direction

Van Neste Square Ridgewood

Was walking around VN a couple weeks ago, and by that bench at the SE corner of the park there were no less than three empty fifths of Majorska, empty cigarette packs, and a couple broken beer bottles. Whoever made that mess had plenty of time to do it. No cops to roust them, and nobody to clean up after.

You would think that simply cleaning the park would be a step in the right direction, but instead we have $ to enrich some contractor by pulling all the bricks and pouring concrete.

But by all means, blame the teachers for your high taxes.

9 thoughts on “Reader says You would think that simply cleaning Van Neste park would be a step in the right direction

  1. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many areas around the CBD that look as good as they once did. Just take a look at the corner of Maple and Franklin (Brake O Rama). Or the side street where the drugstore is on E. Ridgewood Ave. Both have been a disgrace for years and nothing gets done about it. Has the “greenery” around the train station, Vet’s, and Graydon ever looked this bad ? Not during the 28 plus years I’ve been here. if Ridgewood doesn’t start paying attention to common sense things like these, you can build all the garages you want but keeping them filled will be a problem.

  2. Great point. The Village need to get back to basics and do some smaller projects to enhance the overall look of the CBD.

  3. As for the high taxes who else should we blame?

  4. And everyone thinks the dogs would mess up the parks when, in fact, it is the slob people

  5. I’ve never seen a RW cop outside of a squad car except to direct traffic for PSEG.
    What about some foot patrols in the CBD to promote goodwill
    Too much effort I’m guessing.
    30 years in then a $100k pension with full benefits.

  6. 11:51 There is one in every crowed and I guess your the one.

  7. How about 20 years in 1151…..20 and your OUT with 100K ++
    that is the scam that is the municipal workers and teachers. NO MORE

  8. There always used to be a cop walking the beat. “2 post” was the call sign and he was also th ambulance driver when th rpd ran the old Cadillac ambulance.

  9. Yes 6:51 that when there was a force of 57 not 43 as it is now.

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