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Reader suggests insurance companies wake up and quit reimbursing people who’s unlocked cars are stolen

Bullet! The Great Steve McQueen!

Why can’t the insurance companies wake up and quit reimbursing these idiots? I quite well know that the word idiot is unacceptable and not politically correct. Any adult with a brain who has been told over and over that thieves steal unlocked cars, especially with the keys inside and still hasn’t figured out that leaving your car that way is not a positive action, has to be seriously mentally challenged or looking to get reimbursement for their car and possessions because they don’t want them anymore. No one who can pass a driver’s exam could possibly be so stupid and there really isn’t an excuse for deliberately leaving a car in a stealable condition. So then it logically would seem it is a conscious action on their part.

4 thoughts on “Reader suggests insurance companies wake up and quit reimbursing people who’s unlocked cars are stolen

  1. Given the honest and selfless nature of insurance companies, is the author suggesting that we rely on their judgement to determine if a car was locked? I am sure all of NJ’s underwriters would agree and would appreciate to have the opportunity to collect your premiums and then decline coverage based on their assumption that a car was unlocked. This kind of deep thinking is really impressive

  2. Nice idea, but competitive economic reality would not allow this. The competition in car insurers is huge. This is why almost every other commercial we get these days is from Geico, Progressive, and two or three others. If one insurers decided to get tough on declining claims due to owner negligence, then they would probably be out of business pretty quick. Its much more effective to simply honor the claims and simply spread the losses among the entire customer base. Anyway, even if they did start doing what you suggest, drivers would then never admit to leaving their cars unlocked with the keys in and then it comes down to the insurer proving it. Ain’t gonna happen.

  3. It’s called a contract based upon agreed terms for which you pay a premium. All insurance is for various behaviors, including stupidity, which is necessary for liberals.

  4. Most people are clueless when they purchase insurance , hence that’s th reason geico progressive general and others spend big money on their hokey ads.
    Without comparing actual liability coverages and deductible it’s stupid to buy bare bones coverage from a direct writer. These companies county on th laziness and ignorance of the millennial and use online quotes to sucker in people.
    I have to buy lots of insurance for various homes cars and a boat, and I use my broker(s) here and at the beach. Also if a direct writer denies a claim you need to sue them in court. If you use a broker you can sue them for their E&O (errors and admissions liability) policy. I only have one direct written policy since no brokers can place the beach coverage. Also if you have an excellent credit rating some companies offer very attractive pricing thru a broker for combined homeAuto. But they can’t advertise that due to the liberals who think deadbeat should get th same deal as responsible people. Obviously if u got a Dwi you get charged more

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