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Readers are not sympathetic with Valley’s business plans

Readers are not sympathetic with Valley’s business plans

Valley was told that they could not expand the campus years ago. If only Valley had developed a strategic plan at that time we wouldnt be blogging about this.

Why are Valley’s expansion plans somehow given equal status to the land owned by the BOE and the Village residents?

I do not care if Valley never expands. Their business plan is not my problem. They have no special rights. Expand in Paramus.

No matter what Valley has been given in the past, they always want more. The BF field purchase would not have been the last thing they wanted they still would want to modernize their buildings and they would have needed more space to do that. They were told 20 years ago that enough is enough and yet they haven’s gotten the message. It is so frustrating that this is Ridgewood’s problem and not Valley’s problem.

Valley can remain where and how it is, if they (valley) don’t like it let them move elsewhere.!!

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2 thoughts on “Readers are not sympathetic with Valley’s business plans

  1. No different than any other business including the BOE.

  2. The BOE is elected to represent the residents of Ridgewood. Residents are the owners of BOE property. BOE property should never be sold to a private business. Years from now the middle school could need expansion. Maybe we will need to put parking under the field. Land is scarce, don’t sell it off.

    Valley is a business, just like a store. If they want to expand then they need to go someplace where their business expansion will be welcome. It is possible that a small scale expansion could be done, but for 7 years Valley has refused change their expansion plan.

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