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Readers asks I want to keep Ridgewood nice but I think we are getting a bit carried away?

ridgewood tickets or warning

A reader told us that ,”On my walk this morning at 6am the Ridgewood Fire Dept was taking pictures of houses that had their sprinklers running that shouldn’t have been…. Reminder follow the stage 2 restrictions.”

But seem to think its going a bit over board , “What is going on in this town? There are employees going around issuing summonses for watering, sidewalks and “suspected” unlicensed pets.”

Another reader said they , “actual had a court date because I didn’t register my imaginary dog. When I called and asked why they thought I had a dog, they said a neighbor informed them!!”

One reader said they heard a neighbor got a warning because they ,” had a child’s wooden play house in the yard. It was very large. They said it was a dog house. “.

“The pet one is insane. I feel like I live in North Korea.”

16 thoughts on “Readers asks I want to keep Ridgewood nice but I think we are getting a bit carried away?

  1. A small town like ridgewood should get out of the dog license business

    It can’t be cost recoverable…we will be paying these dog inspectors a retirement element in one form or another social security etc

    No less benefit and supporting fuel insurance sick pay…lets get real..the cats will keep the dogs in line.

  2. Small town like Ridgewood ? I suppose you think it’s still a village?
    It’s called revenue and if we have to get it from self entitled schmucks that will not follow the letter of the law then so be it.
    I want water to drink, not so you can keep up with the joneses and show everyone how nice your suburban lawn is. Are you people really that stupid? And stop with the “cost recoverable” nonsense. It does not exist in Ridgewood as evidenced by a 100MM school budget.

  3. Our taxes are very high. Why are our village employees bleeding us for fee/fine income?

  4. 11:37 the licensing of Pets is another archaic manner of a nuisance tax.
    Let’s license twins and people with Red hair as well . Town does absolutely nothing to justify a tax on pets.Even the road kill crew expense can be folded into the main town G &A if the Pet tax is allocated to that expense today.with so much waste..then go after that first.

  5. I always buy a license for my imaginary dog as well as my imaginary giraffe. They asked me to.

  6. If they didn’t even check “Other,” what’s the “evidence”?

  7. For equal representation, the list of evidence items ought to include meowing.

  8. 2.12. Other is for any suspected UFOs that Rat neighbors have reported you on after the non invite to your wine and cheese social.

  9. 1:16 well said..the village is sucking more taxes from the residents in the form of harassments and this or that threatening notices.Who designed
    that doorknob form..? another classic..Other categories cover so many doggie sins…including the biting of tax collectors utility employees and other carpetbaggers.

  10. I can tell you that in my street alone there are about 50% of the houses that run sprinklers as they wish starting from 1AM. Meanwhile I follow the law and only water my lawn twice a week. It is not fair that I abide the law and others just get by because obviously no village employee would be out at 1AM. What’s the solution to this apart from me spying on my neghbours?

  11. When you New Yorkers move here, leave your bad attitudes in the city please.
    Dog licensing is to make sure your lazy ftards get rabies vaccinations so your mutt doesn’t infect mine or my kids.
    You inconsiderate ftards watering under the cover of darkness should be. Happy you got a notice instead of a fine.
    Ridgewood used tobe a nice place when we had respectful residents who played by the rules, instead of arrogant new york city people who moved here

  12. The leaf summons should be a doorknob form. How can a person fight a summons in February when the ticket is from November.

    What is the monetary goal for all of this?

    And the tickets are for suspected pets? A child’s playhouse mistaken for a dog house? Who is spying on us?

  13. 4.48. Glad you are enjoying the old regimes COOLAID.There is a new sheriff in town and it’s based on a truthfull and reasonable government , rather than the former command and demand management.They work now for the people’s interests rather than the developers and the merchants / who wanted everyone else to pay for a New York style overdevelopment plan.

  14. @714 can you read?
    Rabies and fire protection are the points of my post.
    Along with the f-u attitudes of you New Yorkers who move here and try to change everything .

  15. Clearly the Politburo has spoken ..

  16. Wait, 1:47 you have gariaff? OK that’s pretty cool….

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