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Readers Chime in on Bergen Records Demise

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Readers Chime in on Bergen Records Demise

-As a very long subscriber to the Record it has had an incredible slide in quality of reporting, with a particular obvious agenda that has little interest to the readers of Bergen & Passaic Counties, passionately promoted by the deceiving musings of the oped editor & his repetitive selections. If the paper is to survive, it needs to make itself relevant to its readership & trim the staff, get new blood & a fresh take on bullets of interest besides its weary & tiresome daily diatribes. Definitely the internet is not helpful, but to skim the paper everyday instead of reading it because of its nonstop repetitiveness certainly has not helped stimulate readership.

-I’m a life-long resident of Bergen county, and I read the Record to see whats going on. I agree that the editor and many columnists are such left wingers that I consider not renewing my subscription. I do know many people who do NOT renew due to the political left wing posture of the paper.If they cant get it delivered on time soon, I also won’t renew.

One thought on “Readers Chime in on Bergen Records Demise

  1. Good Riddance,
    Ten years ago, in an attempt to sell more papers, The Record tried to maliciously destroy the industry who employed me.

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