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Readers Claim Councilmen Voigt is Holding Secret Meetings with Taxpayers Attempting to Undermine the Mayor

Jeff Voigt Ridgewood Council

Voight is a disaster and meets with residents privately to bash knudsen, Sedon and Hache. He orchestrates public comment and asked me to come to the microphone and accuse Knudsen of doing something illegal. Not only did I refuse I told Knudsen everything voigt said. He is a nasty liar.

Very true that Jeff meets with tax payers privately. He has tried to have meetings with myself and my husband. We found it odd

30 thoughts on “Readers Claim Councilmen Voigt is Holding Secret Meetings with Taxpayers Attempting to Undermine the Mayor

  1. Nothing wrong with Voigt meeting privately with taxpayers. Frankly, the other members of the VC should do likewise. While residents can speak at Council meetings nothing beats a personal 1:1 meeting. There is a lot to be said for elected officials “reaching out” to their constituents.

  2. Who cares about him? We don’t even copy him on our emails to the council.

  3. Voight is just trying to stay relevant. His shipp sailed after the first outburst.

  4. Nothing wrong with any council member meeting with taxpayers. Everything is wrong with Jeff Voigt meeting with taxpayers to spread shit about other council colleagues. Hell even at the Village Christmas party for all employees he was going around saying he had to get Susan and Jeff out of office. he is clueless, classless, and brainless. And so vicious.

  5. Why have we descended to this?

  6. Meeting privately with constituents is not the issue. It’s asking them to participate in a dog and pony show that’s bad.

  7. Dog and pony show? More like a shit show.

  8. Voigt tried to get me to meet with him over some bs about Hache. He’s a loser and descending is his mess is not the fault of the other council members.

  9. Does anyone want to reveal who they are, who Voigt tried and failed to recruit?

  10. Yes. Here you go 6:45. Former Mayor Killion has been seen at the Daily Treat with Councilman Voigt on numerous occasions.

    1. hope Voigt was buying ?

  11. Voight hanging around with Killion? Come on Mayor K, we sure thought more highly of you than this. You just lost all credibility with me.

  12. You really think he gives two shits what you think. You don’t know him.

  13. So let try to understand this 9:37. A former councilman has coffee with a current councilman who evidently you don’t like and now that former councilman has no credibility. You are a very bigoted small minded person. You are the new norm for the residents of Ridgewood. Do you know what they were talking about? I just wonder what other people you prejudge.

  14. I hear that Killion and Aronsohn were close.

  15. Come on Keith, really? Hanging out with that moron? No good can come of that.

  16. Communication is something that occurs everywhere in our world. We all communicate with each other using different methods. And we’ve all done for millions of years. Have you ever wondered what would happen if we were all to stop communicating with one another?

    You might not believe it, but if we didn’t communicate with each other it could spell the end of the world as we know it! That might sound like a far-fetched notion, but it could happen. Here’s what may occur if we lacked communication skills today:

  17. 6:37 – agreed, but there is such a thing as dangerous communication, and any communication with Jeffrey D. Voigt is in that category. He is a slimy liar, good for nothing and bad for everything.

  18. You will be judged by the company you keep. Don’t have coffee with the devil

  19. Ok guys, here is a quiz. Who is more disgusting politician, Trump, Aronsohn or Voigt?
    What’s the relative ranking of these three?

  20. 6:37 I thing Killion is quite capable of of taking care of himself.

    6:59 “Judge not, lest you be judged”

  21. Merely meeting with someone means nothing. I wish the Democrats and Republicans in Congress would meet for coffee at the Daily Treat and actually discuss issues in an open-minded way.

  22. 750… but thete’s nowhere to park

  23. 4:32 I am totally confused by your statement–even at the Village Christmas party “HE” was going around telling everybody that “he” had to get rid of Jeff and Susan. A mysterious “HE” has appeared. Either the “mysterious HE” said he had to get rid of Susan and Jeff, or something wasn’t stated correctly. I realize this is probably a dumb issue but we have so many misconceptions presented in the Blog (not James’s fault) that it would be nice not to have to deal with phantom people as well.

  24. Keith, Keith, Keith…….another mayor with a son and son-in-law on the police force. Hypocrite for hanging out with such scum. Keith, you will be judged by the company you keep.

  25. Keith, you also had a son and son in law on the PD. And yet you hang out with one of the biggest complainers about Mayor Knudsen’s sons being on the PD. Keith, keith, keith you will be judged by the company you keep. And Jeff Voigt is scum, you are really sinking.

  26. Keith, it seems you are the latest victim of the scum attackers. You’ve been through worse, unjustified complaints before. It’s a shame that some semi or retired people have nothing better to do with their time than fire off insults. Good luck in keeping your calm!

  27. The retired folks love Keith, always have

  28. I think it is probably more than just the retired people. Keith has always stood on his own two feet, looks at every issue from many sides, and then goes to bat for what he truly believes. Paul actually had some good ideas that he seemed unable to verbally share w/o someone finding fault before even listening to him. And one can actually meet for coffee as a place to continue a long running debate.

  29. 6:45 Please do not put Mayor Killion and Moron Aronsohn in the same sentence. Or the same paragraph. Or the same sphere.

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