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Readers debate Medical Marijuana


Readers debate Medical Marijuana

PRO: I actually know a cancer patient who uses MJ, and yes it improves his quality of life quite a bit with negligible bad side effects.

No different than any pain killer would. So it’s hardly a masquerade, or a joke. At least not to the people who need it.

NO WAY : Make it legal or don’t.

Just don’t masquerade as medicine.

if approached clinically (like any real medicinal drug), the side effects for marijuana would make it undesirable.

New variations of the drug would work to minimize and filter out the side effects.

More patient friendly forms of delivery of the drug would be developed and marketed.

Instead, side effects are emphasized and enhanced.

No alternate forms of delivery are pursued.

Also, tell me any other prescription drug where you go to a specialty store to purchase it and you decide which strength and variety of the “drug” that you want to buy.

Calling marijuana a medicine is a joke and a farce.You know it.I know it.Everyone knows it.

Those who want it legalized were unsuccessful so they pursued this masquerade.
Everyone went along with a wink and a nod.

Soon it will become a non-prescription drug. Then it will become a legal substance.

Then miraculously, medicinal use of marijuana will no longer be needed and it will be dropped from any medical discussions…

2 thoughts on “Readers debate Medical Marijuana

  1. If a doctor prescribes tylenol, oxycontin or pot is is fine with me. It is a doctor patient decision.

  2. If a doctor prescribes a legitimate medication, you go to a pharmacy to get it… not a head shop.

    That in a nutshell is the difference.

    Recreational drugs masquerading as medicine.

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