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Readers debate Paramus Catholic’s Alledged Firing of a teacher based on her same sex marriage

Kate Drumgoole (on right) was FIRED from her job at Paramus Catholic High School,

August 21,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood

Ridgewood , many readers have different takes on Paramus Catholic’s alleged firing of a teacher based on her same sex marriage .

The staff of the Ridgewood blog thinks there is far more going on than the typical media template would have us all believe .

Catholic teaching does not recognize  same sex marriages , but there seems to be a lot of inconsistencies in the application of that teaching from the school administration.  Should these inconsistencies be enough to force the institution to violate one of its tenants ? Or was that tenant merely used as an excuse for other issues . The main stream media has clearly taken the side of the teacher but is that the whole story.  Things are seldom as they seem to be.


Many religions do not recognize homosexuality. If you are employed at a Catholic institution you must support the values of the church. From the Archdiocese of Newark website teacher employment page:

Commitment to the Catholic Church’s teaching mission and philosophy
Dedication to a values-based education

You cannot force a religious institution to go against their beliefs. If you disagree with this then you should work at a public school – they have better salary and benefits. Ridgewood teachers have nothing to complain about.


If the school ever took any grant money from the county, the state, or the federal government, then they cannot discriminate. And I am betting my last dollar that PC has taken plenty of grant money. They are discriminating against her because she is gay and that is against the law. Against the law. Do you understand this?

Catholic Schools do not require that all employees are catholic. They can be jewish, episcopalian, muslim, atheist, you name it. But they cannot be gay???!!! Again, this is discrimination plain and simple and it is sickening.

I am betting the pope would be appalled that she was fired and I hope he finds out and reverses this travesty.

I am rooting for Kate Drumgoole all the way. She deserves to get her job back or be compensated hugely. She is clearly a good person, a great teacher, a great coach, loved by all. This is disgusting what they did to her.

Shame on Paramus Catholic. Shame on them. What would Jesus Do? sure as hell he would not fire and humiliate this fine young woman.. sickening.

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  1. I think you mean tenet. A tenant is a renter.

  2. 12:26. Now the whole post makes sense!

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