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Readers Debate Urbanization and Multi Family Developments


Readers Debate Urbanization and Multi Family Developments

“How much longer will it take to get through town?!? How much more air pollution will come from all the extra cars idling at lights waiting to make turns? How much more in taxes will everyone have to pay for these developments for all the extra services required? How many more pounds of trash will each of these housing developments generate?

“The apartments will certainly generate more in taxes than they require in services. Is quite comical to see all of these new residents complain about ‘extra cars’ when they are driving their monster SUVs around, blocking the roads daily in front of Ridge and Willard, while IDLING their motors. Its ok for you newbies to soak the empty nester’s tax money for your astronomical school budgets, but god forbid a multi-generation businessman decides to improve his property. You people are nothing but a bunch of hypocritical limousine liberals.

“I think Ridgewood is already overbuilt. We should go back to the good old days when Ridgewood was a classy , gentele hamlet. Accordingly, I propose that every structure built in town since 1900 should be razed to the ground. We would have far less congestion, far fewer students in the school system, no more bloated bureaucracy in Village Hall and things would be just picture perfect again.

“I have a question for anyone who can answer it. If these housing units are built as proposed how many will be Mt. Laurel housing? ( low income ) The village bought the farm on hillcrest to prevent development there because of low income requirements, the cost of paying another municipality to have your low income housing has skyrocketed. Is this another cost the tax payer is going to get strapped with? Is there anything in the developers proposal that deals with this.

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