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Readers Respond to Pro Valley Expansion “Name Calling”

Readers Respond to Pro Valley Expansion “Name Calling”

What’s funny about the shrinking number of people who support this is that they resort to taking cheap shots rather than sticking to the point, primarily because they can’t. Sort of like, “I’m taking my ball and going home.” Pretty pathetic.

This uneducated boor should not be given too much attention. He rears his ugly head periodically and then goes away after being corrected.

He is probably slaving over his next screed on the schools or Democrats. I just hope that he calms down before he gets behind the wheel.

Willard construction was like building a shed compared to the valley project. Nd day taffic to willard will not increase after construction. The residents actually wanted more clasroom space.

Residents want better schools and pay with their taxes. They do not want commercial business expansion in a residential area to benefit a business. There is a difference.

Trauma centers are regulated. The hospitals have specialized equipment and highly trained staff and participate in research. Car accident and pedestrian accident victims in Ridgewood are transported to Hackensack/St Joes because they have the facilities for the best outcome.

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5 thoughts on “Readers Respond to Pro Valley Expansion “Name Calling”

  1. True that it’s the aftermath as well as the endless building period that should be considered. Adding a new classroom or two only means less squeezing for the same number of students, and doesn’t make the school look awful or loom over something else. Nor will the students in those rooms be driving or having visitors.

    In contrast, doubling the size of the hospital would mean far more traffic forever. The number of inpatient rooms is only one part of that; the hospital provides many ambulatory services. And the view from BF would be more like looking up at a big penitentiary casting its shadow over the school.

    Valley’s expansion is only one piece of this puzzle. Approval by the Planning Board and then by the Village Council would lead to alteration of the Master Plan for the Village. This is so huge and would be so awful down the road (and not far down the road; many are biding their time, waiting to pounce) that even those fully in favor of Valley’s proposal ought to fight it.

  2. Where is the name calling?

  3. “Residents want better schools and pay with their taxes. They do not want commercial business expansion in a residential area to benefit a business.”

    Totally agree.

  4. You are correct #1: it’s the protracted construction time to which children will be subjected AND the aftermath of an amended Master Plan. Developers are waiting in the wings for this—should the amendment stand, it will be BUILD, BUILD, BUILD and the hospital will never have to ask permission again.

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