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Readers say time for Valley to pay in PILOT to Ridgewood

Readers say time for Valley to pay in PILOT to Ridgewood

Hackensack hospital has paid millions in PILOT to Hackenasck for years while Valley has hidden behind their nonprofit.

They do provide some support to activities such as the 4th of July parade etc. They paid for much of the field at Northern Parkway in order to buy the field committee support after the debacle of trying to build under Bf field but none of that compares to how much of a negative effect they have had on the infrastructure. This expansion will only exacerbate that and still they try to make everyone believe how wonderful they are to Ridgewood.

Strictly speaking, the fact that Valley Hospital doesn’t pay real estate tax is a result of State Law.

Valley hospital pays for it’s water use and a sewage fee but tis property tax exempt. Whatever commerce is generated is self contained as food for the institution is out sourced and it has it’s own visitor food service and gift shop. The burden is the cost of municipal services for the valley for which they don’t pay tax, and the wear and tear on local infrastructure and loss of quality of life for it’s neighbors. Let valley invest it’s resources elsewhere.

However, Valley Hospital could make an annual contribution to the town.

24 thoughts on “Readers say time for Valley to pay in PILOT to Ridgewood

  1. I believe who ever wrote this article should dig deeper as to what Valley does for the village and stop crying wolf.

  2. Valley Hospital only does for the Village what will further Valley Hospital agenda.

  3. Thy pick and choose their donations. Let them pay their far share like the residents of Ridgewoods.Not dole out funds to win favors with special interest groups.

  4. Wounder what they gave CRR.

  5. A quick story about valley, there was a child in the village who is a cancer victim who needed a new prostesis(sp?) due to her growth, the cops and residents got together to raise funds to defer the cost. There was a group of parents who played in a band and provided entertainment for a fund raising dinner the cops solicited vally for a donation or door prize and were turned down flat. Mind you this girl lives in ridgewood and attended school next door to valley. Draw your own conclusions,

    1. Do you have any idea how many people approach Valley in a year seeking donations? 99% of them are worthwhile and important causes. But, they are a “non-profit business”, not a charity. They “donate” millions of dollars a year in free services or actual donations. However, I am sure they try to have the greatest impact with every dollar spent. While it would have been wonderful to help one girl in need and you make Valley sound heartless, if your narrative is accurate, I have no doubt that Valley must take a broader “community” view when deciding where to allocate its dollars and free services.

  6. I understand that Valley is conducting it’s own traffic study on Linwood which explains why people wearing reflective vests have been monitoring traffic this week.

    I am confident that Valley’s conclusions will note that the study was conducted during a holiday week when schools were closed and many commuters were taking vacation.

    I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt, but this feels like more of the same BS.

  7. I think Valley is the largest single property tax payer in Ridgewood. If not #1, in top 3. It would really be nice if people checked their facts before posting here.

    Are we going to require all non-profit property owners in Ridgewood to make PILOT payments, or do you suggest that the Village single out Valley?

  8. Valley pays no property tax CHECK YOUR FACTS !

    1. There it is again…the arrogant ignorance of certain Ridgewood residents who rely on misinformation, rather than facts, to support their opinions.

      The FACT is that Valley paid almost $330,000 in Ridgewood property taxes last year. I cannot think of another property owner who paid more. Can you?

  9. Valley does pay taxes for the homes they own through their foundation and also for the doctor offices through VAlley health care. They do not pay taxes for the hospital. They pay for their water and sewer.

  10. Correct #11

  11. Perhaps one of the reasons why valley doesn’t want to expand off site is that they might have to pay property tax on a building off the hospital grounds .

  12. what does one (taxes) have to do with the other (renovation)? or are people trying to demonize valley by raising this issue….hmmmmm

  13. what does one (taxes) have to do with the other (renovation) or are people only raising the tax question to try to demonize valley…..hmmmmm

  14. The obvious issue is that valley doesn’t pay taxes to maintain the infrastructure. If valley expands ( don’t give me this renovation BS.) The hospital will service more patients which will in turn use the infrastructure more: ( Infrastructure to include police and fire service ) . This does not come with out cost, of which valley does not pay. This has nothing to do with demonization of valley but it raises a legitimate concern of all the tax payers not just the ones in valleys back yard.

  15. If that bridge leads to a place where valley hospital pays property tax on the hospital commensurate with other commercial property’s sign me up !

  16. “I think Valley is the largest single property tax payer in Ridgewood” actually I think its the professional building across the street from the duck pound

  17. The office building across from the duck pond paid over $540,000 in taxes to Ridgewood in 2011. Valley does not pay anything near that to the town for their non hospital properties.

    1. You’re right. Valley paid $330K. So, I guess they must be #2 or #3, as I said previously. But, the point is that, contrary to the original post and public perception with many residents, they pay a HUGE amount of property taxes, not to mention the significant community service that the office building you mention doesn’t.

  18. Yes but they don’t pay a cent for the hospital and one can only wonder how much that would be taxed if it was mot a “non profit” (lol) and how that would help the village in comparison to the small donations that valley gives to “look good”

  19. “the small donations that valley gives to “look good”…

    If you consider a total of almost $50mm a year (more than Ridgewood’s annual budget) “small donations”, I wonder what you consider to be “appropriate” community support????

  20. I don’t know where valley donates 50 million dollars to but it sure as heck is not going to ridgewood.

    1. Perhaps you would like to tell everyone how much you “thought” they donate or provide in free service to the Ridgewood community each year?

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