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Readers Say we auditoriums in EVERY single school , Why do we need a performing arts center? Not to mention that the property is in a flood zone

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From the July 2015 Ridgewood Library Board of Trustees Meeting

A couple of library board trustees said they want to move ahead with the original plan, which called only for the renovation of the library, and add in the construction of a performing arts center next to the library and village hall. This would turn the library and its surrounding area into the cultural hub the members are seeking.

The cost of the library renovations alone is estimated at around $5 million, according to Ralph Rosenberg, who was responsible for the renovations 20 years ago. Rosenberg has agreed to advise the trustees throughout the process as “owner’s representative.”

The estimated cost of the renovations, including the hypothetical performing arts center, is unknown.

(Community News | At the Library | Ridgewood Inside

See any common threads here?

Board of Trustees Ridgewood Library

John Johansen, President 12/31/2015
Elisa R. Legg, Vice President
Arlene Sarappo, Secretary 12/31/2018
Gail Campbell, Treasurer
Christine Driscoll 12/31/2018
John Saraceno 12/31/2017
Janis Fuhrman 12/31/2018
Paul Aronsohn, Mayor
Albert Pucciarelli, Mayor’s Delegate
Dr. Daniel Fishbein, Superintendent of Schools
Linda Diorio, Superintendent’s Delegate

Don’t we have auditoriums in EVERY school which can be rented for a very reasonable price. Why do we need a performing arts center? Not to mention that the property is in a flood zone.

Yes, the National Elks organization appears to have been “gotten to”, at least indirectly, by a cabal of local supporters of the idea of building a performing arts center where the Elk’s Lodge now stands. The Local Elk’s club membership is probably reeling at the treatment they have been receiving from their national – level hierarchy. The tax status of the property on which the Elk’s Lodge now sits appears to have also been the subject of hijinks or skullduggery of some sort. Its valuation was dropped by more than half, if memory serves, with no apparent explanation for the change, which sounds like a setup.

6 thoughts on “Readers Say we auditoriums in EVERY single school , Why do we need a performing arts center? Not to mention that the property is in a flood zone

  1. Yes, we have auditoriums in all the schools but renting those will give the money to the schools – which may be they can use to improve their auditoriums.
    This doesn’t give money to the library board of trustee’s friends. This doesn’t feed into the ego of “I got this huge auditorium built”.
    These are same people who want to expand valley and who want to build high density housing. They are builders and real estate attorneys. They are creating more business for themselves.
    Sad part if that newly elected councilman, who is on the board of library, is already singing the same tune as these Aronsohn cronies.

  2. Where there is smoke….

  3. The builders want a busy downtown, parking, condos and amenities to attract new residents. Put your money where your mouth is and build the arts center yourself. The underutilized library is trying to expand their mission. Why don’t they just cut staff to meet the new reality. We all do research online, and read newspapers and books online. They need to scale back. What percent of residents actually use their tutoring/classes/clubs! Where do they find parking, after all the “reserved for staff” spots there are few for patrons.

    The proposed high density housing is not meant for empty nesters. They want city-like amenities for city folks who already know what it is like to live in cramped quarters.

  4. Housing at Elks location!

  5. Puppeteers and moochers – always looking to spend a buck (no Elks pun intended) of someone else for their own agenda.

  6. Let’s create a gunnery observation tower at elks lot for the police to man with spotlights to shame them into enforcemt of the library to kings neglected mid block crosswalk for eventual run over of adults and children risk.100 yards from pd HQTRS.Dark winter returns quickly. Seriously its a problem area folks .easy to fix create a trap and issue a bag load of tickers via stops and pullovers into police driveway and into kings lot

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