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Readers says RBSA email seems like a clear violation of the rules concerning a non-profit business participating in politics


Readers says RBSA email seems like a clear violation of the rules concerning a non-profit business participating in politics

Now this seems like a clear violation of the rules concerning a non-profit business participating in politics. Given the corporate sponsors for the teams, I presume that RBSA is a registered 401c3 organization.

Even if this email is just being sent to email addresses collected as part of the non-profit’s activities this is a huge violation of election law. The email is also completely unclear about who is organizing the committee. Is it the RBSA or is it Gary as an individual???

Subject: Albano For Council!

Ladies & Gents of the RBSA and Friends,

As you know, Jim is running for Village Council. While he is not just the “sports candidate”, the issue of the badly needed 90′ field, along with an all purpose field (read: soccer & lax) at Schedler is certainly a timely issue here.

(In case anyone is wondering, like the other two candidates, Jim is opposed to the three high density housing projects before the Planning Board. He realizes however, that the vacant lots of long gone businesses neither benefit nor beautify the Village and is seeking sensible development, that enhances, rather than detracts from our quality of life.

Similarly, he feels the current Valley Hospital expansion proposal, like the one before it, is far too intrusive to the neighborhood and our community as a whole. He recognizes the need for a hospital to stay current and calls on Valley to withdraw the current plan and make more of a good faith effort to work with the community to find a plan that works for all.

If you have any specific questions you’d like Jim to address, he is always available.)

The key to winning is always getting your supporters to the polls. With a paltry 20-22% turnout (maybe less) expected on May 13, that will be even more true in this election. We need to get the youth sports community energized and involved, spearheaded by the largest youth organization in town, the friends and families of the RBSA!

I’m asking two things: will you please take an Albano lawn sign? And, would you be willing to be part of a committee that will coordinate our get out the vote effort? This will involve networking, making lists, sending emails and maybe making a few election day phone calls. The anti-sports forces are mobilizing, so this is crucial!

Please let me know – lawn sign and/or committee? Election is 4 weeks from today, so it’s a short sprint. Time to rock & roll. Thanks for anything you can do.


Please note new email:

Titleist 910 Metalwood Familyshow?id=mjvuF8ceKoQ&bids=205477

9 thoughts on “Readers says RBSA email seems like a clear violation of the rules concerning a non-profit business participating in politics

  1. glad this is out finally and gary is telling the truth. jim is only the sports candidate and will say anything to get elected. jim thinks the hospital is to much for his neighborhood but doesn’t care about another part of ridgewood. elect him so he can represent his buddies but not the rest of ridgewood. don’t beleive anything jim says about being against the hospital and does he really think the hospital will withdraw the plans because he said so? anyone who thinks the rbsa will bench their kid for not helping jim should probably not be in such a bad program. when i registered my kids for rbsa i didn’t think i was registering for politics.
    thanks gary for exposing jims real agenda.

  2. Gary is politically active and should have kept the RBSA out of the political fray. He and other trustees have no longer have children in the program. It’s really time to pass the torches on to new volunteers.

  3. I think it’s clear that based on the wording of the letter, that Jim sounds like he would vote for anything to get his baseball fields built. I wouldn’t bet on a no vote on any other expansion plans if he can get others to vote for his fields.


  4. where does Jim stand on wrestling, gymnastics, bball, cheerleading, etc. . . . . just kidding

  5. Ask him tough questions at the League of Women Voters candidates night, Tues., April 29, 7:30 PM, 4th-floor courtroom, Village Hall (same room where council meetings take place).

    Does he understand the pressing issues facing the Village? Does he care about anything but sports? Would it be OK if one of our 5 village council members cared about and knew about nothing but sports?

    How would you feel if 3 council members voted however Mr. Aronsohn wanted them to–for two years?

  6. The Ridgewood Views is telling everyone to bullet vote for Albano.

  7. #6, does anybody read it?

  8. what is the Ridgewood Views?

  9. Yea there are many who post over there.

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