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Readers says Ridgewood Fire Department should charge a fee for showing up


Ridgewood Firedepartment file photo Boyd Loving

Readers says Ridgewood Fire Department should charge a fee for showing up

PJ I just herd this on channel 12 News,in Missouri, one fire dept. is charging a fee to respond to traffic accidents. They’re charging from $500 to $2,000. It’s to help the budget.

Maybe this is something the Ridgewood Fire Department should look into , at lest for out of town responses. I think it would be awful; but people would be a lot more careful.

Ambulances charge so why not the Fire department?

10 thoughts on “Readers says Ridgewood Fire Department should charge a fee for showing up

  1. Who are these readers ,they must be nuts.

  2. Kooky idea.

  3. jjj you complain about the firemen salary and taxes so here is an oppurtunity to generate non-taxable cash flow and you call the reader nuts.If there is a traffic accident involving non-resident drivers or cars, bill their insurance companies just like the ac does, The cops bill for too many false alarm responses why not the fire dept. The towing companies who respond bill for spills and clean up so let the fire dept bill also.

  4. The Fire Dept should start by billing Valley hospital for all the false alarms first before the start billing village tax paying residents

  5. Agreed but I think they can already do that. But if they’re going to charge for accident response a resident should not get charged the taxes we pay should already cover that.

  6. #3 the fire department is paid for by property taxes that we all pay so to charge more is just another tax and all other towns would do the same so there is no savings.

  7. Not so taxes are charged regardless of usage ie: school tax you pay whether or not you use the school system. Other towns around have voluteer dept. which do not respond as readily as a paid dept. Hence there is no oppurtunity to charge a fee, and to call the people nuts for bringing the idea forward is ignorant.

  8. My taxes pay for the fire department. I should not need to pay extra if I call.

  9. I think they were talking out of town people who aren’t taxpayers who have car accidents, or car fires.

  10. So true #4 valley should definitely pay for all their false alarms. The rest of us could get a tax reduction as a result!

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