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Readers Sound Off On ,” Inappropriate Touching” During Ridgewood Board of Education Meeting

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, several readers sounded off over the physical contact between RHS Principal Jeff Nyhuis and retiree Nancy Reilly that took place during Monday night’s Ridgewood BOE meeting,  feeling is was totally inappropriate.

Readers asked ,”Is touching between administration and staff members at RHS a regular occurrence? Condoned by the Ridgewood BOE? I smell a huge lawsuit in the making.”

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19 thoughts on “Readers Sound Off On ,” Inappropriate Touching” During Ridgewood Board of Education Meeting

  1. Uh oh

  2. It was very uncomfortable watching the 2 of them sitting next to each other. I could not help wondering if that sort of behavior takes place daily at the high school. Not setting good example for students.

  3. Stop it.

    They have worked together for 25 years. This isn’t like Aronsohn and the Habernickel broad.

    1. All the public knows is what they saw on camera. Perception is everything.

  4. I saw and I immediately thought that they should get a hotel room.

    1. It was an elbow! That is not inappropriate.

  5. Her husband was in the room when it was going on. Wonder what was going through his mind?

  6. First thing I thought when I saw it was WTF!

  7. I just watched. Kind of squirmy for sure

  8. Please………..give me a break people!

  9. This may be acceptable behavior in the public sector, but it certainly is not so in the private sector.

    1. In the public sector you wouldn’t hold the same job and work with the same people for 25 years. In the public sector, making and selling widgets, you may not have a personal connection to your coworkers and students!

  10. Was the HR manager in the room while this was going on?

  11. I think everything has been blown out of proportion in this country. And it’s amazing how sensitive people have become after Covid. More things to worry about this bullshit look what’s going on in our Ivy League schools with our Ivy League students and professors they should be ashamed of themselves. Kids in Bergen community college act more mature, and smarter than these Ivy League students. Their behavior is just unacceptable.

  12. What I think is more troubling is the poor public speaking skills of the principal. I would think someone at this level could get through a 5 minute speech without so much fumbling. I understand how highly emotional it was for the teacher retiring and possibly for him but come on practice your speech a few times before giving it.

  13. People please. It was just an arm touch between friends. Why must people have an issue with every single thing these days?

  14. If you think this was inappropriate, you never saw what goes on with the guy who was in the position prior to Jeff.
    Also have you seen the council woman (alumni of RHS), interacting with the admins at RHS?

  15. Same teacher gave a shout out to Brogan, Ridgewood’s own George Santos with censure and ethics charge minus OnlyFans account. What do you expect

  16. Just because you can think it, doesn’t make it true! For those that think this is inappropriate touching, you’ve been lied to or traumatized in your life. Go get serious help! AND stop besmirching a great teacher that probably helped you when you were an RHS student.

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