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Readers talk RECALL !


1,000 signatures on a petition is clearly enough given the number of votes in our town elections.

We need to vote out of office those who are pushing this through. Unfortunately, next spring’s election may be too far away to stop this insanity.

The Board was hoodwinked by the developers, Gail Price and Blais Brancheau. Blais’ only concern was what he could do for the developers. Gail literally spent an hour telling the board why they should not listen to any of the comments from the Villagers who spoke out.

Its an outrageously sad day for the Village.

Time to recall, starting with the mayor…or maybe Hauck?? Let’s start with the weakest…

According to NJ law (
“Recall may not commence during first year in office.
No specific grounds are required
Time for gathering signatures is 160 days.
Signature requirement is number equal to 25% of the registered voters of the district”
After getting the required number of signatures the question to recall would be put on the November Ballot.

Based on 2014, Ridgewood has 17,056 registered voters so we need a little more than 4,200 signatures or less than the number of children in the schools. Completely doable and will be done if they think they can shove this down our throats and we will go away quietly.

27 thoughts on “Readers talk RECALL !

  1. “We need to vote out of office those who are pushing this through.” Its not just one of them its all three. They block vote everything. Just look at their voting record. They came onto together ( Remember the Mayor endorsement of the other two) They should go together.

  2. If its going to be done, it has to be done now and quickly. Soon, everyone will be off on vacation and we will be coming back to bulldozers.

    Always easy to urge people on, but who will take the lead in preparing a recall petition?

  3. That’s right…off to the hampton’s or where ever it is you go.
    who will take the lead…hmmm…let’s see…oh, your busy right?
    just don’t, as usual, have the time.
    and the status quo remains the same…and that’s EXACTLY why your in this position now.
    TOO LATE…..

  4. Seems as if citizens for a better ridgewood already has some of the groundwork done. They have names and a mailing list. Get a list of every street in town, send to the email list and see who will volunteer to collect signatures for their street and perhaps a neighboring street. Alternatively you could focus on getting every parent with a child in school to sign. HSA would be a great source to execute that. But agree time is of the essence before the benefits of organization are lost for the summer.

  5. And what makes you people think that this was not done at this particular time of year for exactly the reasons you state above? Why?
    Because you don’t stand a chance in making anything happen that will even put a dent in a very fast moving ball. Don’t you get it?
    It’s iver…you lost and there is nothing in your panicked state that’s going to stop the process from moving forward…that ship sailed long ago.

    1. so will some people political career

  6. Based upon something said at tonight’s Village Council Meeting, the deadline for getting a recall vote on November’s ballot is mid August.

  7. Agree timing was deliberate and as many have stated the board and council are clearly in the pocket of the developers. But, I don’t hear the fat lady just yet.

  8. Something was said tonight at the meeting about a deadline in August in order to get a referendum on the Ballot for November. Check the U-stream for details. Also, find out how to do an online petition that will not be dismissed as unreliable. There are TONS of people who will sign this to get it on the ballot. RECALL THEM NOW.

  9. James:

    Do you truly understand the term “laissez-faire” that you use in your masthead? To help you do that, I have copied Wikepedia’s definition:

    Laissez-faire (/ˌlɛseɪˈfɛr-/, French: [lɛsefɛʁ]) is an economic system in which transactions between private parties are free from government interference such as regulations, privileges, tariffs, and subsidies. The phrase laissez-faire is part of a larger French piece and literally translates to “let (it/them) do”, but in this context usually means “let it be”, or “let it go”.

    If you truly believed in “laissez-faire” you would rave and rant at the developers even having to to the Planning Board for any approval. For the record I do not subscribe to this notion. The developers had to endure an intensive and exhaustive 5-year process.

    In addition, your call for Ms. Gwenn Hauck’s recall as retribution for the Planning Board’s vote in favor of the apartments is a peculiar form of laissez-faire. A touch of Bolshevism, perhaps. Overthrow the government if it does not kow-tow to your demands.

    And as for the Vocal Antis, I have always given them the benefit of the doubt that they are well meaning. Having said that, in the words of Thomas Friedman, I find them “Self-absorbed, risk-averse, and short-sighted.” Now I see they are sore losers and whiners as well.


    Rurik Halaby

    1. Rurik , crony capitalism in not “laissez-faire”

  10. Political careers in Ridgewood James, seriously, that’s a stretch.

  11. “Overthrow the government if it does not kow-tow to your demands.”

    Absolutely if they stop representing the best interest of the many in favor of the few! That is why there are checks and balances and the right to recall! There are many reasons detailed here and elsewhere as to why this is too much for the downtown to handle but I have yet to see a reason why a more modest plan would not be adopted OTHER than it is not economically desirable for developers.

  12. Throw them all out!

  13. Rurik, laissez faire also means letting people determine for themselves. What street in Ridgewood do you live on anyway?

  14. Political careers? Throw them out?
    Who cares? It’s done… their gone anyway… The objective has been achieved.
    The only thing left is the Valley expansion and that’s a done deal as well.
    What would have made you think otherwise? Do you know with whom you were dealing with?
    You have ingored your “village” for years and your government reps have raked you over the coals, stolen your money and set themselfs up for life. And now your going to bitch about it?
    You wanted it this way…and you got EXACTLY what you payed for.

  15. Wow, Rurik reads the NY Times….I will defer to him from now on !

  16. Rurik, you are gracious as always and as always I do disagree with you… SO, readers say recall? How, gathering 4000 signatures that say anonymous? Online petitions will never pass muster, they’re easy to dismiss… from an organizational, deployment and authentication standpoint, that ship has sailed. I am not in favor of Valley doubling in size or increasing the housing density to the level approved but it looks like a done deal unfortunately…. Carping in anonymity is a great feel good exercise but will not stop these juggernauts….

  17. Paul, you are a courteous gentleman and a wise person. We do disagree on some issues but we are never disagreeable. I am sure there are many things we also agree on. Cheers, Rurik

  18. Yes I know it a done deal and we will not stop this juggernauts on these current project but voting them back in at the next election leaves us open for another 4 years of whatever the 3 amigos have in their play book. Who knows what other thing they have in mind. VOTE THEM OUT and cut our losses.

  19. Thanks Rurik for supporting our agenda we our counting on your vote.

  20. and people say hudson county is bad, this town is worst, my god.

  21. We have former Mayor and now appointed local judge Pfund to tank. Without Ordinance 3066, passed purposely in July 2007 when many residents were down the shore, applications to amend the Master Plan would never have even been considered. Then the developers used an old anchoring by applying for 50 units, only to say they’d “comprised” down to 35. The anchor number used should have been the 12 in the Master Plan, and they should have comprised at 18-24, reflecting current Village densities. Development is surely need in the CBD – it’s an eyesore with too much dead space and decaying remnants of the past – but Ordinance 3066 and the 50 number should have never happened in the first place. That’s Pfund’s folly…. These wheels have been in motion since 2007

  22. good start on broad st, that is the worst block in town.

  23. Agree Broad is a good candidate for upgrades. Still waiting for the reason why this could not have been accomplished by seeking a variance or as a one off vs. changing the master plan and opening the floodgates?

  24. the three will be gone soon, and all who is with them will go down the river.

  25. Except that the damage will be done already…

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