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Reasons Why You Should Report Cases of Sexual Assault

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The decision to report cases of sexual assault is a very difficult choice to make. As we’re all aware many aspects come into play that prevents people from coming forward with their reports. As we’ve covered in this article, these are also the main causes that make sexual assaults extremely underreported among other assault charges. 

We have also covered some of the most compelling reasons why a survivor of sexual assault might consider reporting the incident despite these aspects. Sexual assault is followed by a lot of psychological trauma so it is best advised to consider reporting it in terms of helping you heal from the trauma. 

Why Is Sexual Assault Underreported

Reporting cases of sexual assault is one of the assault cases which is exceptionally highly underreported. As this New York Times article suggests, there are a few reasons why women take years to come forward with these kinds of allegations. It accents that every allegation should be very carefully evaluated but that many people fail to accept how common sexual assault is, so they tend to look for reasons to disbelieve because they are not psychologically prepared for it. 

Some of the common misconceptions that most often come up when assessing whether the allegations are true are things such as the fact that the person at hand didn’t come forward right away or that the victim doesn’t act like one, or the fact that she stayed friendly with her abuser as well as the “Her story doesn’t add up” claims. This widespread misconception is exactly why sexual assault, unfortunately, remains underreported.

Reporting Might Help You Reassert Control

One of the reasons to consider reporting cases of sexual assault is because it might help you reassert control in your life. Any kind of abuse can come with psychological trauma, especially sexual assault cases, which can manifest in various ways such as changes in eating or sleeping habits, anxiety, and depression. Reasserting control by reporting cases of sexual assault can help survivors reclaim themselves, which will in turn help with the process of recovering from the trauma that came as a result of the assault itself.

To Get Justice

Another reason why it’s worth considering reporting the cases of sexual assault is to get justice. In addition to this, experienced legal professionals behind suggest that you can secure a lasting compensation and begin recovering from the trauma left by the assault. Getting justice might come into play with reasserting control, as we’ve covered in the previous paragraph, which might help you in your recovery. Remember that this choice is entirely yours to make, and if you decide to do so, many experienced lawyers will support your claim.

You Can Report at any Time

Sexual assault cases can be reported any time you feel you are ready. There are no legal obligations to report their assault, and there is no legal barrier that prevents you from reporting an attack much later. For those who do decide to report the case of sexual assault, it’s worth noting that evidence is much better preserved if it’s collected recently after the event. This happens during Sexual Assault Forensic Exams which help preserve DNA samples, clothes worn when the assault occurred, and any other evidence that can help support the claim. However, this is only important for collecting evidence, and it doesn’t concern the time needed to file a claim.

It Can Support the Community 

As we’ve discussed early on, sexual assault cases are extremely underreported, however, as Tarana Burke started an avalanche of the #MeToo movement by reporting them, things have taken quite a turn. States are now banning nondisclosure agreements that cover sexual assault, and are also introducing more protection for workers. In addition to this, Congres has even reformed some of its process for staff that reports sexual assault. The movement has helped many women have their voices be heard, and step into an era where the system has been reformed to better suit the survivor’s needs.

Reporting a case or cases of sexual assault can be an extremely hard thing to do no matter how beneficial it might be after the case has been processed. You should consult your therapist on the effect it might have on you, as well as reassure you have support from your friends or family throughout this process. Always remember that if you decide to report it to look for adequate legal support who specializes in sexual assault cases. Lastly, don’t push yourself into reporting the case if you’re not ready, always take the time you need.


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