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Reduced Speed Limits Go Into Effect on Six Wyckoff Roads

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Wyckoff NJ, in Wyckoff, NJ, six roads now have a reduced speed limit of 25 miles per hour. The roads affected by this new regulation are Clinton Avenue, Eder Avenue, Grandview Avenue, Hillcrest Avenue, Lawlins Road, and Newtown Road. The town implemented these changes in an effort to enhance road safety.

Wyckoff police are reminding residents and drivers that while they may drive up to the speed limit, it doesn’t mean they always should. The push for safer driving conditions has led to these new speed limits, but some residents believe more needs to be done.

One resident has even started a petition to lower the speed limit on Mountain Avenue from 35 MPH to 25 MPH. The petition argues that North Haledon has already reduced their section of Mountain Avenue to 25 MPH, and that drivers frequently speed on this road. Those interested in supporting this change can view and sign the petition here.

Wyckoff has been concerned about speeding for some time. The town website notes that even if the speed limit is 35 miles per hour on some roads, this is not an “entitlement” to always drive that fast. According to New Jersey law, drivers must reduce their speed when approaching an intersection, nearing a curve, and for several other specified reasons.

The goal of these changes is to ensure the safety of all road users in Wyckoff. As always, the town encourages drivers to be mindful of their speed and to drive cautiously.


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