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>Reduced Window Service Hours at Ridgewood Post Office Remain

>Effective April 2, United States Postal Service (USPS) officials cut window service hours at Ridgewood’s post office by 2 hours each weekday. Attended service now begins at 10:00 AM on weekdays; prior to April 2, these services were available beginning at 8:00 AM. Village Council members voiced their unanimous disapproval of the slashed hours, and directed Village Manager James M. Ten Hoeve to contact Ridgewood’s Postmaster in protest.

4 thoughts on “>Reduced Window Service Hours at Ridgewood Post Office Remain

  1. >guess theres no pay to play with the us post office

  2. >i hope the village council members are able to convince the post office to reinstate the attended early morning service. It will be a nightmare come the holiday season without this service.

  3. >i guess e-mail is taking over.

  4. >I have written a letter of protest to the Postal Service regarding the curtailing of window hours and the unbelievably rude Postmaster, Mr. Pascano. If you would like to wite a letter as well,here is the address:
    Ms. Maria Morse
    494 Broad St
    Rm 307
    Newark, NJ 07102-9300

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