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Region Experiences Uptick in Residential Burglaries

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Glen Rock NJ, according to Glen Rock Police last month Glen Rock experienced three residential burglaries. The burglaries occurred on Waldren Avenue, Maple Avenue   and Berry Place. This increase is in line with what other communities in our region have been experiencing . Glen Rock detectives are working with an investigative task force with other agencies in investigating theses crimes .

The most recent example was on Wednesday January 20th at 5:04 p.m.  officers responded to a reported residential burglary which occurred on the 500 block of Maple Avenue near Central School. A preliminary investigation determined that actor(s) entered the home through an unlocked rear door sometime between 2 PM and 5PM. Second floor bedrooms were found to be ransacked and the resident reported items of jewelry and other property, valued at approximately $ 2,900, to have been taken.

The scene was processed by the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department BCI Crime Scene Unit. A canvass of the area was conducted, and Glen Rock Detectives are actively investigating.

4 thoughts on “Region Experiences Uptick in Residential Burglaries

  1. Everyone should have a monitored home security system.
    When my ancient ademco system crapped out, I bought a simplisafe and installed myself. Somewhere around 300ish dollars and its only 15 per month to monitor. It pays for itself since my homeowners insurance gives me a substantial discount on the policy
    Another great product is the BLINK cameras. No fees for storing clips. watch it on your phone. watch your home inside and out. keep an eye on the dogs, the kids the nanny.

  2. How’s that “Defund the Police” thing workin’ out fer ya?

  3. Anonymous, I don’t think anyone around here is de funding the police. Doesn’t Ridgewood PD want a new firing range? That’s more like ‘amp up’ than defund. I don’t think anyone routinely pushes back on police and fire department budgets in this immediate area. My property taxes say so.

  4. If you think that your neighbors are not all in for BLM, Antifa and Defund the Police, then you are delusional.

    Look at who they vote for.

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