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Republican Registrations Outpace Democrat Registrations in Monmouth County for the First Time in Years

photo of County Republican Chair Shaun Golden

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Freehold NJ, For the first time in several years, Republican party voter registrations outnumber Democrat registrations. Republicans are now the dominant party in Monmouth County.

“We have witnessed resounding Republican victories at the County level for several years, but our Republican registrations have lagged behind,” said County Republican Chair Shaun Golden. “Now, for the first time in over a decade, the number of registered Republicans has surpassed that of the Democrats.  We are excited that our years of very hard work in bridging that gap have paid off.”

“We believe that voters are rejecting the disastrous policies of both the Murphy and Biden administrations. Couple the fiasco of Biden’s open borders policies and rising inflation, with New Jersey having perhaps the worst Governor in the United States of America, voters are coming back to the Republican party,” continued Golden. “Governor Murphy has crippled our small business, created a mess with the State’s motor vehicle and unemployment systems, raised taxes, ballooned our State’s debt, and oversaw the deaths of 8,000 of our elderly loved ones and veterans in long term care facilities.”

“I believe we are witnessing a shift in voter preference here in Monmouth,” said Republican Party co-chair Christine Hanlon. “People are moving out of the cities into beautiful Monmouth County and are registering as Republicans because they know what good leadership looks like.”


One thought on “Republican Registrations Outpace Democrat Registrations in Monmouth County for the First Time in Years

  1. We will see…

    I’m sure this trend is NOT happening in Ridgewood.
    We are too stupid to vote for our own best interests.

    We’d rather do the Virtue Signal Dance at our own funeral.

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