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Restaurateur Bets Big on Ridgewood

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Sonny Singh a  62  who lives in Demarest, has been buying up Ridgewood restaurants after losing his party and bridal dress shops to the pandemic.

In the past month or so, Singh has bought Stella Artisan Italian and sister restaurant No. 12, the   nearly three-decade-old Country Pancake House on Ridgewood Avenue, which he is changing the name to  Ridgewood Diner.

Singh also has purchased  In Shape, a gym on Chestnut Street, which he is turning into Sugar & Spice Cafe and six months ago, he opened Turmeric Indian Bistro, a restaurant that specializes in North Indian cuisine, on Franklin Avenue.

7 thoughts on “Restaurateur Bets Big on Ridgewood

  1. Suggestion. He needs to rethink the selection of music playing outside of Stella’s. So off brand. So very few business owners of the village have style and taste. So unfortunate

  2. Update to The Music Man of Style and Taste – it’s so unfortunate that you’re an AH😂.

  3. Unless the Pancake House name change was required as part of the sale, this is a dumb idea.

  4. Big discounts? Or crypto and stocks are too expensive?

  5. Well we know of six restaurants that will close in Richwood.. bad idea Sonny

  6. Just close Ridgewood Avenue down for a year knock everything down and start over! The best days are behind us and unfortunately are never coming back! I guess Amano couldn’t afford to $35,000 a month rent…

  7. It won’t be the same! Is this guy going to have oversized pancakes liked the original owner did (may he rest in peace)? I can answer that right now No he won’t! Why I say no cause this guy is changing the name to Ridgewood diner right there it tells you he won’t have oversized pancakes!!!! It will be just another diner!

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