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Revitalizing Bergen County’s Historical Sites and Open Spaces is Essential to Preserving the History of This Great County

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photo courtesy of Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco,

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Park Ridge NJ, according to Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco, Bergen County is home to dozens of historical and culturally significant sites.

Tedesco  said in a Facebook post ,’This year, Garretson Forge and Farm in Fair Lawn and Wortendyke Barn in Park Ridge, two of our County’s historic landmarks, received $580,000 in Open Space Trust Fund Grants for historically accurate upgrades and preservation.”

He explained , “We were happy to see the completion of the historically accurate roof renovation at Wortendyke Barn this year, a Dutch barn built in 1770 that was constructed using only local resources and serves as a historic reminder of Bergen County’s vast agricultural history.”
Garretson Forge and Farm, built in 1720, is one of the oldest historic sites in Bergen County and currently serves as a garden and living museum.
Revitalizing Bergen County’s historical sites and open spaces is essential to preserving the history of this great County, and we look forward to preserving these sites for generations to come.
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9 thoughts on “Revitalizing Bergen County’s Historical Sites and Open Spaces is Essential to Preserving the History of This Great County

  1. Are you listening Vagianos? Winograd??? Perron???? Weitz???

    1. No, they could care less

  2. Another Wednesday.

    What stupid shit will the 4 Dirtbags come up with tonight ?

  3. Jim Tedesco, again, takes advantage of another photo op, rather than directing his staff to fix these crappy county roads. Every shitty road you drive on is a county road.

  4. Tedesco is a disaster. Just another poser.

    1. Jim and the Merry Pranksters!

  5. The Village of Ridgewood assclowns that make up the council (minus Lorraine) are the biggest bunch of hosers who don’t give a rat’s ass about history. They tortured the poor village historians and now they have a puppet that they can control. Keith is another puppet, Matt is another puppet and so on.

  6. As a US history enthusiast, they make me sick not giving a s… About our village and county. History is what made us. Why must it all be erased?

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