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RHS Green Club to Plant Seventeen New Trees at Stevens Field

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Ridgewood NJ, the RHS Green Club is hosting a tree planting event at Stevens Field on Saturday, April 15 at 9am to plant seventeen new trees! Come for an hour, come for the day! There will be a demonstration at 9am of how to plant the trees!

Additional shovels, loppers, and gloves are welcome for planting! We recommend a hat, sunglasses, water bottle, work pants, and hard-soled shoes (for stamping on shovels).
This project is part of a grant received from the Sustainable Jersey for Schools program and will help provide some needed shade on Stevens Field, help minimize flood damage to the field, provide benefits associated with riparian trees, and reduce the chances of soccer balls and lacrosse balls ending up in the brook! All of the trees are species native to New Jersey.

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  1. 17 trees at Stevens, cut down 7 acres at Schedler

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