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RHS library learning commons

RHS library learning commons: “Funny how people complain when there’s a huge referendum and ask, “why weren’t these things taken care of over the years?”
Novermeber 9th 2012
by Laurie Goodman

When is it going to stop? Um, when there are no more children? The library hasn’t been touched since 1963. It’s time. It’s currently not serving the needs and of today’s students and teachers. And more than half of the cost is is being funded by donations. Seems reasonable to me. There is a website with more info about the design, including links to research regarding learning commons in general and the educational benefits, at

Funny how people complain when there’s a huge referendum and ask, “why weren’t these things taken care of over the years?” But when they try to do a single upgrade, 50 years is too soon and we should wait even longer?

And zero-based budgeting? The Board has never said they would do that.

Honestly, this is a needed project that’s been designed extremely conservatively and is being funded more than half by donations and not taxes.

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3 thoughts on “RHS library learning commons

  1. $400 K of taxpayers money. I don’t care how you want to spin it. Included is a cafe! That’s reasonable. We have a state of the art Ridgewood Public Library who also cry for taxpayers money. People were voted out of the BOED because of this kind of spending and people who claimed to be fiscally responsible were voted in but alas were were duped again.

  2. She has a lot of never writing that. Wasn’t she on the BOED for the turf fields and lights. Do the residents relies that approximate 2/3 of their tax bill goes to the BOED? Is she one of those people that when depressed go out and buy things? Well Laurie you want to spend taxpayers money not yours. What are you trying to do spend your way into the next BOED election.

  3. Get back to basics. We need good teachers, and they need to weed out the bad ones. Let’s get some bang for the buck that we pay.

    I am tired of the public school and public library continually fundraising. In these hard times I do not view taxpayer supported institutions as charities. How dare you stand there with your hand out for a wealthy school district in an overtaxed town? When is it ever enough?

    The library is already in need of reengineering. After all the money that was poured in they realize that they do not need to be a book warehouse anymore. They are going to be a learning commons too. Duh!

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