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RHS Stadium and Stevens Field Clean-up Begins

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Photos by Boyd Loving

The staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood Board of Education approved the vendor contracts to complete the necessary clean-up work on the athletic fields due to recent flooding. This work began yesterday on the stadium field at Ridgewood High School, where at least four truckloads of dirt and debris were removed from the field. The work on the RHS stadium field is expected to take a couple of weeks, and once that field is completed, the vendor will begin to work on Stevens field. The work on the Brookside field is scheduled to begin today and should be completed in a few days. The fields are being disinfected as part of the process.

Clean up of the flood damaged artificial turf fields is now underway at both RHS & Stevens Field. Wear an N95 mask if you’re walking in the area due to blowing dust. Some material on the field is said to have been laden with raw sewerage.

The Ridgewood School District Fields Committee met and discussed adjustments to the schedules for sports due to field closures. Additionally, they discussed creating a broad committee of Village Council, Board of Education, county, and state representatives to explore how to address the flooding issues.

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10 thoughts on “RHS Stadium and Stevens Field Clean-up Begins

  1. A couple of weeks…….

  2. 150,000 for two weeks worth for a crew of 4? Not bad!

  3. Not bad every time it rains and we have a big storm. Are you kidding me., Don’t breathe that Dust in.

  4. What has the high school communicated to students/families about the risk of breathing contaminated dust?

  5. Where is all this soil and waste being dumped?

  6. The Village’s engineering department just advised that the soil is likely not contaminated. Raw sewage is not considered contamination when it is outdoors and has been exposed to the sun for days. It is considered silt and can be dumped virtually anywhere.

  7. At least they’re finally being fixed.

  8. OK so where is it being dumped. Let engineering department grow their vegetables out of it.

  9. I still don’t understand why we put an expensive turf field in a flood zone. How much would it cost to go back to grass?

  10. “The fields are being disinfected as part of the process”

    Are you fucking kidding me?
    Talk about pissing down a rat hole.

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