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RHS Stadium Lights

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photo Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood High School leaves the RHS Stadium lights on. Beside a wast of tax payer money it shows and extreme lack of
eco-consciousness , after all according to some of you the world is going to end in less than 12 years , you would think you would at least make some effort ?

Boyd loving reported, ” RHS Stadium and Stevens Field field lights were on all evening with not a single sole playing/practicing on either field since the moment lights were turned on.

Go ahead, make my day by telling me that it’s cheaper/more energy efficient to leave the lights on then to have them turned off when the field is not in use.”

14 thoughts on “RHS Stadium Lights

  1. Pouring rain, no one in sight, yet the lights remained on despite this. What a waste of taxpayer money.

  2. This is exactly what’s going to happen when they install permanent lighting at Maple Park. Lights on, but no one home.

  3. Your lights are on, but you’re not home
    Your mind is not your own
    Your heart sweats, your body shakes
    Another kiss is what it takes

  4. Someone on Facebook suggested that the lights may have been left on for “safety reasons.” Seriously? Give me a friggin’ break.

  5. I drove by last night
    And wondered why they were on too
    No one on the field
    Lights off !!

  6. direct proximity neighbors on block should have Passworded website access to kill switch anytime after 11 pm through 5 am

    issue solved ..we piss away money left and right

  7. They need the light on so the turf can grow.

  8. The field is damp after all the rain. Keeping the lights on dries it out.

  9. Please. They should be on a timer. Why are we having so many different problems in town. What the hell is going on. It’s amazing. Everything from the lawn not getting cut in town. What is the problem. We can’t even get Porta John’s cleaned out on Maple field. Forget about the lighting. You can’t make this poop up. Well last year the Porta John was over flowing with a duty. Who the hell is in charge.

  10. Did Spellcheck break or something…?

    The toothpaste is out of the tube, you’re never getting back control of the lights, fields, etc.

  11. “eco-consciousness”
    ha ha
    good one.

  12. In my house we turn lights off in rooms that we are not using. We do not have our house lit up like the K-Mart all night long. I am disgusted by the blatant waste of electricity on the fields. Get ready neighbors of Maple Field. You will be living in virtual daylight all night long once the mega lights go in

  13. Always on at Habernickel park until 10. Ridiculous as that park is suppose to close at dusk.

    Drove by and lights blaring and not a sole in sight. Waste of money and horrible for the wild life

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