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Ridgewood Art Institute 62nd Annual Sponsors Show



15 Rao SailAwaywithMe 8×10

Ridgewood Art Institute  62nd Annual Sponsors Show

April 6th- May 11th, 2014

62nd Annual Sponsors Show

This remarkably original, emminently successful show features paintings given to the Institute by member artists. The Sponsors are the first of a limited number of people who contribute $275. On the last night of the show, as their names are drawn, the Sponsors select their favorite painting to take home.

Click here to view our 2014 Online Gallery of Sponsor Show Paintings


More about the Sponsors Show

Receiving: Monday-Friday, March 24th -28th
Hanging:March 31-April 4
Reception: Sunday, April 6th (2-4 pm)
Drawing: Friday, May 9th (8:00 PM)

Chairperson: Peggey Dressel

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