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Ridgewood begins municipal budget discussions



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Ridgewood begins municipal budget discussions

March 5, 2015    Last updated: Thursday, March 5, 2015, 3:01 PM
By Mark Krulish
Staff Writer |
The Ridgewood News

Ridgewood officials gathered at Village Hall last Saturday morning for a discussion between department heads and the governing body about some details of the municipal budget, including the needs of various departments and anticipated spending.

The seven-hour roundtable meeting was a departure in style from previous years and talks centered on the Department of Public Works, the Building Department, Health Department, Parks and Recreation, Fire Department, Police Department, Engineering and Human Resources, along with a closing discussion on the capital budgets.

Village Manager Roberta Sonenfeld said one of the goals for the meeting was to present the best numbers possible, but there would not be any indication of the final figures or tax impact to residents until closer to budget introduction.

Sonenfeld noted that some increases in spending were attributed to the need for repairs to an aging infrastructure and upgrading the village’s technology.

7 thoughts on “Ridgewood begins municipal budget discussions

  1. Budget discussions during a flooded Village Hall Makes for an interesting Winter topic to be added to next Graydon Pool planning. — lots to think about —– again.
    Get the kayaks out again.

  2. Great photo Boyd it looks like the start of fishing season a little early.

  3. Let the flood gates go, maybe he will float downstream with all the flotsam and jetsam.

  4. how come the is not cleaning the snow between the parking meeter’s in the c b d. I get out of my car and you can not get to the side walk . whats up with that. up by the park and one the west side of the c b d is bad.

  5. the parks dep’t always did this after a snow storm. is this about money. what about that mr mayor.

  6. time to out source the manager’s job .

  7. hey paul what the hell are you doing to this town. you need to stop your bud all in all this out sourcing. this town is going to look like shit. and he seems he don’t care. the talk of the town is the people are talking about voting big all out.

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