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Ridgewood Blog Presents the Big Zucchini Awards for 2018

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood blog wanted to close out 2018 with the Big Zucchini awards . After consulting many readers and staff ,most came up with a similar list ,however one respondent listed them all .

A Big Zucchini is given for what readers and staff consider the biggest screwups in the Village of Ridgewood for 2018, but remember a screwup to one is a triumph to another.

Almost everyone listed the first two

Approval of $12 million parking garage.

Purchase of Elks Club property.

“Lemon” leaf vacuum.

Unauthorized payments to Parkmobile.

Horrendous leaf pickup process

Increased parking meter and hang tag fees.

Closing Village Hall for ½ day to facilitate installation of generator.

21 thoughts on “Ridgewood Blog Presents the Big Zucchini Awards for 2018

  1. The list is longer than that…

    Jimmy Olson and Lois Lane – they just won’t go away.
    Replacing the tree at Graydon with a stick.
    Finally paving North Pleasant (South Pleasant needs it now)
    Firing the girls lacrosse coach (she won 2 NJ state titles earlier this decade)
    YMCA eliminating Bolger membership
    Neglecting to salt the roads during the worst 4-inch storm in history….

  2. Sadly we are going to need a bigger scale and a bigger Zucchini as the largest boondoggles For 2019 are already ballooning in the
    master classes ( our rulers) deal lockers ..

    The poor clerk at the village hall taking checks for the
    ballooning 2019 parking permit fees was doing her best to
    hide the zucchini ballooning out of her cashiers drawer.

    it really hits home when you have been ripped off just to get to work.

  3. I am happy that the Elks Club was purchased. This is the last contiguous piece of property on the Village Hall complex. It was wise to secure this for the Village, although I am not sure about the plan to put the water department there.

  4. Well, in the spirit of the New Year, how about a list of some things that the Council did RIGHT?!

    1. moving forward with Schedler – thank you! Angel Altano is smiling down on this.
    2. purchasing the Elks Club, the last remaining piece of real estate attached to the village complex
    3. settling the COAH deal before there was a major lawsuit – in spite of douchebag Voigt’s limp objection
    4. moving the BOE election so we can vote on proposed budgets
    5. expanding the parking lot at the train station – now if only Rutishauser would get moving on this.
    6. fixing the stupid and dangerous bike lanes by Pease
    7. agreed to fund the School Resource officer even though the BOE reneged on their agreement
    8. took out the dangerous tree at Graydon
    9. planted a jillion new trees – thank you Mike Sedon
    10. free parking on Saturdays in December – might you consider free parking on Saturdays all year?!

  5. I love it. Zucchini boy .

  6. James I see that members of this Council also posted on this story.

  7. Some idiot thinks that girls lacrosse and the YMCA come under the management of the council.

  8. Replacing the tree at Graydon with a stick? It’s a healthy young sapling. Perhaps you don’t realize that you started as two microscopic cells and grew into the big jerk that you are today.

  9. Did you forget voits outbursts ?

  10. What about the councilmen that sues residents ?

  11. What about the creepy stalkers , any come out of the closet ?

  12. “One more for the road” You’ve had to many already.

  13. Here are some that are coming.
    The Village Council buying the Town Garage , remediating it and it will be used for what else another parking garage. All at taxpayers expenses.
    Mayor Zucchini personal project of buying the Telephone building and making it a Performing Arts Center . Paid for by the Ridgewood taxpayers expenses.

  14. What about supervision getting pay stipends And they don’t have certifications for that position.
    Wow! Can’t make this shit up.

  15. So your one of the people who is getting at builders discount rent or purchase price ?

  16. I would love to know how much peopke got paid off for suport of the high density housing ?

    I mean thats how its done all over jersey

  17. look at the brogan Cadillac site this week and its huge length and scope from the whole foods rear parking lot.its so big that NJT demanded a retaining wall and chipped stone reinforced wall be placed against the End of the
    development rear boundary

    This is exactly what has been going on for years, and this is a view of developers specific end zone game.Developers have taken over the towns decision making..all the rest is just for show..welcome to Montclair,englewood and rental town liabilities . Ford site next up.Transit village is taking shape on our dime and dollars Taxpapers .

  18. You know people New Jersey transit is a pain in the ass. They have so many demands and yet they can’t even keep their own operation running efficiently. They are the biggest joke. And yet you’re on the tracks from Mahwah to Hoboken sit back and enjoy the shit show .

  19. Forget about your keys let’s worry about Christmas trees, is the block Department going to stop picking them up or they can wait till they get covered up with snow. Let’s think about this, again, again, again, wake up people. I don’t know who’s running box up all night but you talk about a cluster F. What a joke.

  20. Christmas trees can I get a translation. “I don’t know who’s running box up all night “

  21. Forgot a big one…healthbarn. Where neighborhoods are ruined and town money is lost

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